Will Rogers World Airport parking options

Discussion in 'Oklahoma' started by folls4th, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. folls4th

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    For all those of you not familiar with this airport, it offers five parking options with difference prices. the long-term shuttle lots cost $5 a day, the semi-covered long-term shuttle lots cost $6 a day, the 5-story covered garage costs $7 a day, and the remote shuttle lot costs $4 a day. Another option to park is the the Parking Spot (2 miles from airport) in OK City, which costs $3.35 a day.
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    Not point parking all the way in Ok city...the long-term parking space at the airport only costs $4 a day, which is pretty decent. Your main worry flying out or arriving at this small airport is the TSA people who love to harass the heck out of you. Be warned!
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    It's probably good you stick to Will Rogers because parking at Tulsa International airport is super expensive..i think the daily fee for outdoor self-park is $6 but if you want to use covered or outdoor valet it will cost $10 and $16 daily.

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