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Discussion in 'Curacao' started by JacksonIn, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. JacksonIn

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    Hi, Any suggestions on Willemstad attractions and the best scuba diving spots? when is the best time / month to plan? Any help will be appreciated.... Thanks.
  2. Andrew

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    Willemstad, the capital city of Curacao has plenty of great places to see including ABC islands, Sea Aquarium, Hato Caves, Dolphin Academy, Fort Amsterdam, Kura Hulanda Museum and Klein Curacao. Also, you can enjoy your holidays at some of nice beaches such as Jan Thiel Beach, Sint Anna Bay, Mambo Beach, Blue Bay, Caracas Bay and Santa Barbara Beach.There are lots of spectacular scuba diving spots available at Willemstad and I suggest The Mushroom Forest, Playa Kalki and Klein Curacao. In addition to scuba diving, there are many things to do in Willemstad, just check out things to do for more details.
  3. Mr.Joe

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    Between April and November is the best time for scuba diving at Curacao. The weather is extremely dry and sunny across the country and you can enjoy the calm weather. Mushroom Forest is my favorite diving site, and it's one of the most famous dive sites on Curacao. The coral formations at the Mushroom Forest look like mushrooms, and we had an amazing experience there.

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