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Discussion in 'Canada' started by FrequentFlyer, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that I'm from Canada, and have travelled most of the country, so if anyone needs any help or has any questions about travelling here, I'd be more than willing to help. I've pretty much travelled coast to coast, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, camping and hiking the Rockies, biking the plains, to clubbing in Toronto, and seeing the Symphony Orchestra in Old Montreal.

    I know when most people think of a vacation, they don't think of Canada, but there are a lot of things here worth seeing, and if you check out the homepage of Destination360 and look under Canada, there are some amazing pictures of places to see here!
  2. cookiebunny

    cookiebunny New Member

    How long does it take to get your passport after applying for it? It's actually an ancestory passport because my grandfather is Canadian.
  3. everyann

    everyann Guest

    Hm. I'm not quite sure what category you would fall under but the Canadian Passport Website has profiles with processing times.
  4. toughender

    toughender New Member

    Frequent Flyer- I mean no disrepect but you forgot to mention the good Ol Maritimes and I for one can guarantee that the farther you travel east the more laid back and FRIENDLIER people get.If you don't believe me ask my wife,she's from beautiful Alberta and I'm a good Ol herron choker from NB
  5. jayisaac

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    hey, wondring if you know any good hiking routes that would take about a month to walk to vancouver. can be from any direction. any help would be great

  6. dcmccraw

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    hi my name is doug i am looking to take a trip to canada. im from missouri and i used to take vacations to canada with my father years ago and he can no longer go i am looking for i secluded place to fish for pike and walleye but not a guided trip i am going by myself and all i keep finding are commercialized fly ins and stuff like that i am going to drive and am willing to hike or canoe to my destination i guess im just looking for a little cabin that is in a remote area with nothing but wilderness around me, also i would like to see moose and at least hear a wolf. I appreciate your help since i cant find any thing on the internet that makes any kind of sense. if there is a website that you could recomend that would be great. thank you
  7. toughender

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    Hello Doug,as you know Canada is a very large country ,but wolves (wild) are found in only a few Provinces.Northern Quebec, Ontario,Manitoba,Alberta and British Columbia. I've only seen one in Ontario and two in Alberta ( all while driving around in the bush ). As for Moose they are found in "all" Provinces except Prince Edward Island.I guess the obvious Question I should ask you is in what Area of Canada would you like to explore and when do you plan to visit.
  8. TonyW

    TonyW New Member

    Would love to visit Canada 2-3 weeks next year. I'm thinking May and am interested in seeing Glacier Bay, probably a cruise through the inside passage, Banff, Jasper and perhaps the Yukon as well. Yes, I did say weeks not months! :smile: Any help out there?
  9. d360

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    What kind of help are you looking for, are you looking for cruise recommendations? or...
  10. TonyW

    TonyW New Member

    I'd see a cruise as being part of the trip. Also taken with the idea of the Rocky Mountaineer train. With a limited amount of time I'm trying to see a bit of everything. With the cruise, do the smaller boats get that much more "close & personal" to justify the extra cost?
  11. ck.10@wanadoo.f

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    hello....I'm coming into Calgary in December on my way ultimately to Dawson Creek BC....I'll have a few days before travelling on to Dawson but as it's December I cant find anything to do but skiing and thats a definate no...I was hoping for the rockies or whale watching or something equally momentous.I'm from the uk and have gone into various web sites but it seems the rockies train stops around October....Help and info would be more than appreciated....no hiking as I'm a bit of the older greneration so train/cruise would be perfect
    thanks in advance

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