Windjammer barefoot cruises

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    hi guys,

    can you tell me more info on Windjammer barefoot cruises? I hear the this kind of cruise is great because is a smaller cruise? Any more suggestions?
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    hi there,

    Windjammer barefoot cruises has a fleet of 6 tall ships that offer cruises to unspoiled destinations, and pristine beaches.

    Windjammer cruises are much smaller than normal cruises which is a great thing if you want to experience a cruise without the hassle of larger cruises.

    If you're looking for a personalised service Windjammer cruise ships such as the Yankee clipper ship are some of the most intimate cruise experiences you will ever have. This ship carries 64 passengers at a time so it's great way to meet other passengers.

    Hope this helps
  3. The Travel Slut

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    NOTE: Windjammer Cruises, Inc. shut down their business in April 2008 and ceased all operations.

    They have not returned to the market.
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    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the update on Windjammer. I see vacationbuddy linked to our article which I need to get removed.


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