Window vs. Aisle Seats

Discussion in 'Flights' started by mitraveler, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    What are your thoughts on the eternal question on the window vs. the aisle seat? What do you prefer?

    Do you think that says something about a person?

    On a side note, American Airlines is now charging $10 extra if you don't want to sit in the middle!
  2. mynameIS

    mynameIS New Member

    Yeah, typical American Airline move! Always leading the way in passenger dissatisfaction. I don't personally fly with AA but If i had (god forbid) I wouldn't pay the extra to seat on the window. I normally pick an aisle seat if the flight is a long haul one because of the bathroom issue and not having to bother the passenger sitting next to me.
  3. JonahJones

    JonahJones New Member

    aisle seats beat the window

    I also like sitting on the isle for that reason. You can get your blood flowing with a quick walk around the cabin, and sitting in the aisle means you won’t have to climb over people. Another reason I think the aisle is great is that allows extra room to stretch your legs out. Honestly, when you’re flying cheap any extra space to stretch out is welcome;)
  4. aleinvspred

    aleinvspred New Member

    Window seats for me all the way! I think window seats make you enjoy your flights more. You can still get some views from the middle row, unless of course the person who grabs the window seat pulls down the shade. Either way, if they really going to charge a $10 fee to passengers for wanting to sit next to the window, I guess it's up to them whether they want to or not.

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