Wireless internet at RIU

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by mitraveler, Nov 7, 2012.

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    If you're planning on staying at one of the RIU resorts in the Caribbean or Mexican, you can connect to the Internet. WiFi service will be included for laptops, iPads, and other devices at an extra fee of $15 a day. The Riu Palace resorts will provide WiFi free of charge.
  2. wanderer

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    I think it's a nice perk to offer free WiFi. It's always surprised me that cheap hotels will through in Internet for free, but you have to pay at a resort. I've paid $14,95 a day for that...and also had free Internet at a $40 Red Roof Inn room. Go figure!
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    free internet access

    Yes, I agree it's a nice touch hotels offer free internet access. However, I wouldn't stay at a hotel simply because of free internet if the hotel itself isnt worth staying in. Besides, when hotels offer free internet they are normally hiking up the price of all other amenities. If I were you, if internet is really important to you then i suggest you just buy internet prepaid cards because it will cost you less anyways.
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    free WiFi is a given

    Offering free WiFi is has been a thing hotels have been offering for a while now. I haven''t stayed in a hotel for the last couple of years that didnt provide WiFi at extra cost. Any hotel that is charging for wifi in this day and age should go out of business because many of them charge an arm and a leg for internet connection, which isn't that good most times!

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