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Discussion in 'Wisconsin' started by udontget4, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. udontget4

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    A few hotels/motels offer free passes and offers/discounts for Wisconsin Dells waterparks when staying with them. Blackhawk Motel offers free Noah's Ark and Chula Vista wristbands as well as a Splash Pass for free and 2 for 1 discounts for Mt Olympus. Indian Trail Motel offers free passes to Noah's Ark and Dells Monaco;while Paradise Motel offer free passes for Mount Olympus.
  2. Photofun

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    I live not far from the Dells and I always considered this place to be a tourist trap. However, there is a lot of great stuff to do and you can have a great time if you come before mid-June or after Labor Day and avoid weekends. I would definitely hit Mount Olympus, the mecca of water/theme parks. Roller coasters, go karts, indoor waterpark, outdoor waterpark, etc!
  3. wanderer

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    I was going to ask what's the best waterpark in the Dells. Do y'all have an opinion? Is it worth going to Mt. Olympus if you're staying at a hotel with a waterpark? Is Mount Olympus open all year?
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    Oh yes! You can get to the Dells in the winter and have a very good time. Mount Olympus does have an indoor park, so it doesn't matter what the weather's like. My friend Shelley took her little girls there, and all three of them had a nice time. The visited for a cheap spring break when it was too cold to swim outside. They spent several days in the indoor waterpark.

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