Woman suing United Airlines

Discussion in 'Flights' started by Danny, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    Another interesting case popping up in the news is that of a New York woman who is suing United Airlines for $5 million after she says she was dragged off her flight and forced to spend three days in jail for arguing with attendants over a seat change. Does anyone kn ow much about this case? $5 sounds like a lot of money...
  2. Ihaveseen

    Ihaveseen New Member

    United Airlines' staff and police were in the wrong here because the flight attendant and Captain over-reacted/acted out over this petty issue of switching seats. Her being taken to jail for 3 days over this is just ludicrous. what happened to the good old days of visiting the cockpit?

  3. Fedormina

    Fedormina New Member

    The idea that the airlines can do this to passengers is scary. I do not see why they would do this and I aslo think they over-reacted because I've never had problems with other airlieners. Normally, when flights are undersold the flight attendants allow you to freely move to an empty seat. I hope she wins the lawsuit to teach them a lesson.

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