World's Longest Gondola Opens in Turkey

Discussion in 'Ski Areas' started by Bantonman, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Bantonman

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    The world’s longest gondola open two days ago in Turkey. The gondola is about 4 miles long and links the city of Bursa to the ski slopes of Uludağ. The gondola has a new three-stage lift with 45 support towers and climbs 1,300 vertical metre from a start point of just 395 metres above sea level to nearly 1,800 metres up. I hope the news of this new gondola will bring awareness to ski resorts in Turkey.
  2. Ultimatum22

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    cool...I was in Bursa in 2012 skiing and remember the old ropeway wasn't very good because it couldn't handle the wind. Too windy and they would have to cancel anyone riding. Hope to be there next year for another ski vacation and get to ride it;)

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