World's tallest buildings

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  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator the five tallest buildings in the world. The Sears Tower is no longer on the list, and it's called the Willis Tower. That makes me sad as a former Chicagoian. I think I'll always call it the Sears Tower.

    Anyway, here's a list of the world's tallest buildings . Have you seen any of them?

    Burj Khalifa
    Abraj al-Bait
    Taipei 101
    Shanghai World Financial Center
    ICC Building
  2. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Well, I have seen the Sears Tower...before it was called the Willis Tower. It's a lot of fun to see the musuem exhibits and look over Lake Michigan.
  3. mostnoms

    mostnoms New Member

    must see in Dubai

    the Burj Khalifa is as impressive as everyone says...I got the chance to get to the observation deck during my short 3 day visit to Dubai and it the building is really quite spectacular. the view is really amazing and you can almost see the whole city of dubai on a clear day.
  4. JamesBika

    JamesBika New Member

    Tallest skyscrapers in the world

    you missed out the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel (1,971 ft) and the Petronas Towers (1,483 ft)..they are 2nd and 6th largest buildings in the world. From your list, I have been to Taipei 101 and I can tell you that the view will take your breath away! Tickets are relatively cheap and the elevator ride itself was quite impressive..really recommend it to all!
  5. kellys

    kellys New Member

    Yes, Burj Khalifa is really beautiful..You must visit
  6. pinki rawat

    pinki rawat New Member


    Top 5 World's tallest buildings
    Burj Khalifa
    Taipei 101
    Shanghai World Financial Center
    International Commerce Centre
    Petronas Towers
  7. sonam

    sonam New Member


    Below are worlds tallest building with contries.

    Burj Khalifa ( United Arab Emirates )
    Taipei 101 ( Taiwan )
    Shanghai World Financial Center (China)
    International Commerce Center (China)
    Petronas Towers (Malaysia)
    Nanjing Greenland Financial Complex (China)
    Willis Tower (United States)
    Trump International Hotel & Tower (China)
    Jin Mao Tower (China)
  8. Davis Patch

    Davis Patch New Member

    I remember that amazing view from Burj Khalifa, it was really beautiful. It's a good place to visit.
  9. Kelsey Ledford

    Kelsey Ledford New Member

    It was in Burj Khlifa that I first ever understood what breath-taking means.

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