worst time for a Caribbean cruise

Discussion in 'Cruises' started by superiorNoice, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. superiorNoice

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    I want to take my wife on a cruise this year and would be nice to sail the Caribbean...I am seeing very good prices for this summer. However, before I book..is there a bad time to cruise the Caribbean at all?
  2. Jenna

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    To give you an idea about high and low seasons....High season usually runs from December 15 through April 15, while low season covers the summer and early fall months.

    Low season is great if you're on a budget but still want to cruise the Caribbean. However, the reason you're probably seeing good deals for summer is because of that and also because it is hurricane season, which is from June through November. Having said this, the peak time for hurricane season is during August, September and October.
  3. bmd

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    Peak travel season for Caribbean cruises usually begins with winter and lasts into early summer. The best deals will almost always be during late summer, through fall, and this is because a drastically fewer number of travelers are booking passage to the Caribbean in any form due to the notorious hurricane season. The great thing about hurricanes, though, is that they are more or less slow moving and predictable and watchable, unlike tornadoes and earthquakes, which happen without any type of warning whatsoever, so in this case, you can plan your travel during the season without much worry that you'll be caught in a tropical storm, since you can cancel your trip in case a storm crops up before your trip, and usually, it takes days for the storm to develop, move, and finally make landfall, so you'll have time. No worries! My last trip to the Caribbean via cruise was in September, right in the middle of the season, and it was so very pleasant. I loved it!
  4. kookoo

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    when to go on a Caribbean cruise

    I was on a Carnival cruise in March and weather wasn't the best to be honest...choppy water, and very cold wind, from the time we left Port Canaveral. We did stop in Freeport and Nassau but was too cold to get in the ocean or pool. Saying this, I should mentioned that I was told this was unusual for this time of year but there seems to be a lot of hurricanes nowadays particularly in and around Mexico west coast and western caribbean.
  5. I-C-U

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    worst time to go a cruise

    I think the worst time to go on any cruise will be when weather is playing up. Hurricanes are really the Achilles heel of cruises so cruise companies normally don't offer cruises during these times. Some of them do still cruise during hurricane season, which is why those cruises will be a real bargain. By the way, hurricane season runs between June and August.
  6. scienceplan

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    hurricane season is my best time

    Considering that hurricane season is about half the year...when else can you go?..I have cruised to the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Bermuda during hurricane season and I'd be happy to do it again. Of course, you will get some bad weather in some ports and the itinerary may change but it's minor when you think about how much you're saving.
  7. lifelive

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    cruising during hurricane season

    I second the last poster! If you're willing to take the chance, cruising during hurricane season can be rewarding. First, you get great prices, but it's also a convenient time of year because of the fewer crowds in port during the season. Btw, I actually enjoy the rough seas so it's a plus for me:)
  8. eventhorizon

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    unsafe for a cruise

    they don't call it Hurricane Season for no reason, and believe me it can be very unsafe for a cruise. The last time I took a cruise to the Caribbean was in April and the wind/seas were so choppy that we couldn't do many stops on our itinerary. it was awful and scary to say the least!
  9. wanderer

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    The Caribbean is a relatively big place, so it's possible that conditions and prices will change based on where you want to go.

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