Worst time to travel to Tikal

Discussion in 'Guatemala' started by VacationBuddy, Jun 12, 2014.

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    Anyone thinking of traveling to the Tikal are should know that the rainy season (while cheapest time to travel), it's the worst time for traveling to Tikal. The Maya sites are located off muddy roads and there can be landslides and bridge wash outs that will make your experience of exploring Tikal a bad one. Just be ready for anything if you travel during the rainy season.
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    Tikal was really one of my top highlights, especially getting up at 3am and seeing the sunrise. One piece of advice if you want to see the sunrise is to keep in mind the weather. It does get very foggy there very often so you may not be able to see the sunrise that day. Also, watch out for quick sand...the mud gets really thick too so bring proper hiking boots.
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    Tikal is magical

    Tikal is one of the few places I would go back for a second time because it's truly a magical place. In my opinion, the early morning hike into the park is not to be missed because you'll get to see tons of wildlife. Personally I would get the after 3 PM ticket because you'll get to see the sunset and be able to come back again in the morning. The point is to either be there before sunrise or just before sunset.

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