worth doing Antractica on a cruise

Discussion in 'Antarctica' started by nitemareon, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. nitemareon

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    We would like to go to Antarctica but the cruise prices of the ships that go there are in 5 figures rather than 4, which is out of our price range. Also, most such cruise descriptions seem to imply there is little or no actual physical landing on the actual continent itself (maybe an hour or two?) With those high prices, you want to at least experience what you paid for.
  2. donaldsons

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    To be honest, cruise companies just capitalize on the fact that Antarctica is the last frontier and so they charge an arm and a leg for a trip there but you dont really get to see much or explore the continent. At best, the shore excursions take around 2-3 hours, which isn't long enough. Best you try going to Antarctica with a scientist research team...
  3. dumarton

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    Antarctica is remote which is why it's so expensive. I hear that Antarctica is a photographers' dream because of the landscape and wildlife. Having said this, there's no doubt that tour companies and cruise ships are "milking" it and making a ton of money without offering much for what you pay.Still, all of the folks that I know that have traveled there say they loved the trip.
  4. Vicolette

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    What an adventure to be able to cruise to one of the last frontiers. From the colorful summer landscape to whale watching in the cooler months, it sure would be exciting. For some good information about seasons to travel, ship size, tours, and things to do when taking a cruise to Antarctica, check out this informative article at Destination360.

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