worth getting a tour guide for The Louvre?

Discussion in 'France' started by isitfor56, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. isitfor56

    isitfor56 New Member

    I was wondering how much a tour guide would cost to tour The Louvre and would it be worth it? I was hoping we could do The Louvre in about 2 hours by ourselves..is it possible? How do you arrange a tour guide? Thank you.
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    Someone else on this forum was wondering also whether The Louvre could be explored in 2 hours, but the from experience you won't be able to really appreciate and see all the Louvre top attractions in just two hours.

    I think a guided tour is a great idea and I do think the tour price does represent value for money since you're paying for someone else's knowledge, though bear in mind that the cost of the tour doesn't include entry to the Louvre museums. Also, you can choose the tour to concentrate on The Louvre architecture or its exhibitions.
  3. groggi42

    groggi42 New Member

    I think even attempting to do the Louvre in 2 hours is not worth it. I have visited several times and I have never managed or tried to cram in the whole museum in one daily visit, nor do I think I have yet managed to see it all.
    I'd suggest to plan for at least half a day and decide in advance what to focus on. Getting a guide may then be a very good option as it adds to the experience.
  4. julietita

    julietita New Member

    I prefer "human" guide... You can ask questions!!!! I dont really like the small recorder... If you don't hire the guide you can get stick with a group which did...

  5. CarlM

    CarlM New Member

    I have visited the Louvre several times. It is an all-day visit. You cannot see everything in a few hours, but you could possibly cover the most famous works if you plan for it in advance. If you pick up a good book on famous art found in the Louvre you can do it yourself.

    This is a HUGE art museum.
  6. bmd

    bmd Guest

    Certainly, you could run through the Louvre without really taking time to appreciate the art, but if you do the Louvre, it's highly recommendable to take a minute or two at a good portion of the displayed artwork, because the museum is there for just that, enjoying the art. In my opinion, it's not really necessary to hire a tour guide just for the museum, but if you happen to find a guide for the city that includes the Louvre, that might be beneficial to help you see the wonderful things of the city.
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  7. CarlM

    CarlM New Member

    I just want to add that if you enjoy history you should not pass up the opportunity to visit the Louvre under any circumstances. I'm not really a big art fan, but I am in awe at the history and amazing works that you will find there. I will be back again on my next visit to Paris.

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