worth going to Vermont in the summer?

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by luky7, May 6, 2011.

  1. luky7

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    We are planning to take a 7 day trip midway between visits to Albany and Manchester at the beginning and end of our summer vacation in June/July.

    We have discounted Cape Cod but we are still considering mid-coast Maine but have yet to find the right accommodation in the right place which would suit us and our 18 year old.

    is it worth going to Vermont in the summer as it seems to be the place to go in the Fall? Opinions, please.
  2. Ruby

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    Vermont is best in the autumn for the leaf peeping, but I personally think Vermont is worth coming anytime of year!

    I loved it there, especially since my uncle has lodging business there, so I come and visit now and then. In the early summer you can hike, bike, fish, paddle, even go mountain biking down the ski slopes at Killington.

    If you want to sup ale, eat good food, view crafts... you should find enough to entertain all of you.

    By the way, Mid Coast Maine is also wonderful but will be busy and your choice really depends whether you don't mind the huge crowds.

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