wreck diving in Cape Verde

Discussion in 'Cape Verde' started by monkaT, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. monkaT

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    hey folks,

    Im looking for spots to enjoy a diving trip with my friends, and Im wondering what Cape Verde offers. I am told that wreck diving in Cape Verde is great? has anyone dived there before and where to go find wrecks?
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    Cape Verde is great for wreck diving! The waters off Cape Verde boast many old wrecks. The Boa Vista and Santiago islands are the best places in my opinion for wreck diving. These islands provide some of the finest diving opportunities and windsurfing conditions in the world, and you guys are bound to love it here.

    By the way, Santiago Island is also a great spot for diving and surfing, and the Tarrafal beach being the most well-known surfing spots in Santiago.

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