Yosemite National Park raising its fees

Discussion in 'California' started by hazard999, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. hazard999

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    Yosemite National Park will be increasing entrance and campground fees starting March 1. A single-vehicle entrance for up to seven days will go up to $25 for the low season and $30 during the high season (from April through October). The park’s annual pass will cost now $60, the individual entrance $15. Camping will range from $6 to $26 per night, depending on the campsite. Rates for group camping sites will be $50 per night.
  2. AimAtMe

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    Not only Yosemite, but Mount Rainier and Crater Lake as well will see a price hike of 50%, though I read somewhere that places like Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park may see a rise upwards of 150%, which is crazy. It's like they want people to stop visiting the parks or something..
  3. Xavier3

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    I think you are right on the money as far as the purpose of fee increases. I heard Mammoth Cave National Park is increasing its fees to fund renovations to the Mammoth Cave Hotel. That makes no sense whatsover that visitors should foot the bill, does it?

  4. SmokyRocky

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    Apparently, renovating the main lodge of the hotel will cost more than $2 million. They also plan to tear down the Heritage Trail Wing of the hotel, which will remove about a couple of dozen rooms.

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