you can't fly directly into North Korea from US?

Discussion in 'North Korea' started by KipperFG, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. KipperFG

    KipperFG New Member

    The answer is no. There are flights from Singapore direct to Pyongyang and that is because there is a North Korean embassy in Singapore. Beijing and Vladivostok (Russia) are two other places where you can catch direct flights into North Korea. If you're coming from US, flights to China or Singapore may be the best options. Do bear in mind that the only way to see north Korea is on an organized tour.
  2. wendie67

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    I don't see that happening in my lifetime...the only direct flights from the US that I've heard of are the US stealth bombers flying over South Korea in warning to North Korea. Seriously, if you try googling flying directly to North Korea from US all you get is links on nuclear threat, missiles, etc..Man, someone forgot to turn off the propaganda machine.
  3. DonaWeko

    DonaWeko New Member

    Funny you said that...just search that and I can see many links about bombers from north korea, etc; My worry to going to north korea wouldn't be traveling to north korea but coming back to the usa. Did you see what happened to dennis rodman when he came back to the usa from north korea. he was questioned, interrogated, etc


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