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  1. fc123

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    hi guys, I heard that Luangwa valley is popular for Zambia safaris, is it true and does it offer walking safari opportunities? please also suggest some good places to enjoy Safaris in Zambia..
  2. Andrew

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    Yes, Luangwa Valley is Zambia's the most popular walking safari destination and offers the greatest wildlife experience for worldwide visitors. You can see over 50 mammals during the walking safari and it is one of the best ways to explore the natural wilderness of the Luangwa National Park.

    Many Zambia safaris can be found in the eastern side of the South Luangwa National Park. There are wide range of Safari Lodges available plus numerous seasonal bush camps are also situated in remote areas to offer the wonderful African safari experiences.

    We enjoyed the ultimate walking safari of Luangwa Valley with 5-6 miles of walking in remote and wild terrain. Last year we had the Zambia tour and we spent three nights in fully-serviced mobile camps. we saw many wild animals including zebra, elephant, hippos and many more. Started our walking tour in early morning, done up to afternoon and ended up with dinner under the open sky. It was very adventurous and more fun.

    There is no better way than the walking safari to explore the unspoilt wilderness of Luangwa Valley, better you take this safari and enjoy! best of luck!
  3. fc123

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    Thanks a lot for helping out! It sounds like everything at Luangwa valley is good, also glad to hear that you have spent three nights there, and now we are also planning to spend 2 or 3 nights in Luangwa Valley to explore the walking safari. look forward to hearing some more things/experiences about Zambia safaris from any of them:))
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    Safaris in Zambia

    If you are looking for a safari on a budget then Zambia is the place for it. Amongst all those high-end exclusive safaris are a few budget concious companies that are completely going against the grain. And Zambia still has the luxury of being able to offer a safari the way safaris used to be before mass tourism.

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