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    We were on the carnival cruise to the Western Caribbean. When we got to the Port we were still undecided about what to do. It was 7 of us.This includes my 84 year old dad. When we got to the terminal my dad spoke to some of the taxi tour guides and he found the CAVE TUBING AND ZIP LINE TOURS INTERESTING. So we decided that we will book the tour with the taxi tour guide.His name was Sonny. He mentioned that he cannot do the tour with us because dad was too old for such adventure. We were very disappointed. We went from one tour guide to another and they all refused to do the tour because dad is too old. We were then thinking of going back to the ship. A security officer approached and asked what was the problem? I didn't know if I should give him an attitude or to just walk off. I faked a smile and told him it was O'K. He said," are you sure? He was very kind and I was being rude. I told him of the situation with dad. He told us that he will try to help. He mentioned a tour guide by the name of Donald ( of Action Boys Belize ). He said that Donald might have left on a tour, but he will call his cell phone. He called the number and gave me the phone to talk to Donald. Donald made it clear that he never intended to work that day. I explained the situation and pleaded to him. He told me that he will get to the terminal in a few minutes and we must be ready. He gave us instructions on where to meet him on the out side.

    When Donald arrived he introduced himself. He was neatly dressed, and spoke perfect english. He asked for a moment alone with dad. I have no idea what they were speaking of, but dad was laughing. He turned around and said " it is time to get moving." We went to the van, it was clean, smelled good, and was air conditioned as well. The drive was about an hour. When we got the place to do the zip line, the line was very long. Donald said, ' don't make the line be your problem, I will take care of that-please just follow me." As we were walking pass the very long line every one was watching my dad. He was the attraction of the day. Donald walked to one of the tour guides and spoke to him. So we were assisted with our gears and hiked to the first platform. It was the best experience on the entire cruise. We then headed to the jungle resort to have lunch. I was surprised that all who booked the zip line and the cave tubing through the cruise line were having lunch under a roughly built shed, and we who booked with a private operator were in the comfortable restaurant. The waitresses were very nice and the lunch was rice and beans. Well put together.

    Well, after lunch we headed to the cave. As we hiked through the rain forest Donald did presentations on medicinal plants,maya history, and the significance of the cave to the Mayas. The cave were very dark, but Donald issued us with head lamps. There were several large groups in the cave, and Donald had us together while the larger groups looked disorganized. Donald kept a very close eye on dad. He is old, but has a big heart. My dad survived the adventure. Thanks to Donald. There is no way I can thank Donald enough for giving my dad a great tour of the zip line and the caves.
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    And I thought I was adventurous at age 50 ziplining in El Salvador! Good for your Dad -- and good for Donald to provide such a wonderful service. Thanks for sharing this great story. We have friends leaving on a cruise in a week and their teenagers are balking about ziplining because they are scared! I am going to share your blog with them. Please tell your Dad he is my hero!
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    It's a good thing that Donald was there. I do hope we can find more 'Donalds' in all of our travels so that it would not be hard for us to enjoy them. Also, thank you for sharing your experience! :)

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