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Discussion in 'Costa Rica' started by stacymorehouse, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. How do I go about booking a tour in Costa Rica? How much does it cost?
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    We went on this Zip Line Tour last year and it was great. It cost about $77. Try using this coupon code "CJP10" at checkout it still may work. Its good for 10% off. Zip Line Tour
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    Definitly the best canopy tour is in Monteverde, and you don't need reservations, they made a lot of tours at day and the only that you need is reserve your hotel in Monteverde and from there they make a zipline reservation. The zipline price in Monteverde is $40.

    PD. I recommend Hotel El Viandante to stay, very helpful staf, paceful and ship.

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    Thanks for the tip! I would agree that you don't need to book in advance except many times you don't want to spend your time bookings activities when you could be doing them. I like to book most activities in advance and then leave some days open for whatever happens.

    The price varies in Monteverde depending on the company you go with. There's a couple lines that are short and not that sweet. Look for the long high ones!
    See a virtual tour of the Costa Rica Zip Lines we went on here..

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