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    Has anyone been to Zululand South Africa before and what's the best way to explore the region? Also, what kind of accommodations can we find there?
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    hi there,

    The scenery of Zululand is very distinctive and the place lies between the two rivers in the KwaZulu-Natal Region bordering Mozambique.

    Zululand is home to lush forests, grasslands, mountains, as well as wildlife reserves, such as the Phinda and Hluhluwe reserves.

    One of the best ways to take in the pleasures of Zululand is by safari. On a Zululand safari, you will get a chance to view the wildlife and the stunning scenery. Also, if you get a chance, visit the locals, the Zulu people, this is where the real experience lies.

    Accommodations in Zulu range from seaside cottages and floating cabins to luxury hotels and game lodges. For instance, cabins are available on houseboats at Lake Jozini.

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