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Destination360 has been forced to begin protecting our copyright on our images. You may be one of the few innocent infringers stumbling upon this page trying to understand why you’ve received a copyright settlement complaint from us. We’ve found that 99% of the people using our images have taken them directly from Destination360 for commercial intent, in some cases downloading many.

Unfortunately it’s impossible for us to distinguish the few innocent uses and against the many business interests. If you display advertisements or sell something on your website, then it's commercial use, simple as that. If you're using Destination360 copyrighted content to illustrate an article, sell a product, or service, then it's commercial use.

Our photographers have spent a great deal of time and energy to produce our images. The majority of our photography created by Destination360 owner Dan Taylor who has been traveling the world since 1999.

More information on Destination360 Copyright Settlements can be found at Copyright forum

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