Cruises can be one of the best ways to see new continents and countries. Cruise ship vacations on board a large ocean vessel or cruise vacation deals for a smaller river cruise are available for different destinations during different times of the year. First time cruisers will want to check out information regarding when to go to various destinations to get the best deal on a cheap cruise vacation as well as cruise basics and tips for having the best cruise vacation possible. Cruise ship vacations offer travelers the luxury of an all-inclusive resort while taking passengers to location after location, creating a cruise vacation deal that encompasses many destinations in one vacation—cruise packages are typically an excellent value.

Finding a cheap cruise vacation is most easily accomplished by paying attention to busy and slow cruising seasons for your desired destination. For colder regions such as Antarctica, Northern Europe or Alaska, July and August are the prime cruise season, and rates will be highest at this time. Great cruise vacation prices can be found for these areas, however, toward the beginning and end of the season (May or September). Cruise ship vacations to warmer regions will offer their best cruise vacation deals toward the northern hemisphere's spring and fall months, with the busiest season being between the months of October and April. A cheap cruise vacation for destinations along the equator, such as the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, can best be found by booking a last minute cruise. Since the weather is moderate and mostly unchanging throughout the year, last minute deals are a great way to find lower prices for space on a ship that may not be filled up a week or two before travel.

River cruises offer yet another option for travelers who love to cruise but want a slightly different experience. A river cruise through France or Germany along the Elbe or Rhine Rivers can be a great way to experience these European countries in a different way. Traveling through the heart of the country onboard a boat offers meals onboard the ship and fun off the ship when exploring cities and towns along the riverbanks. River cruises tend to feature more basic accommodations than oceanic cruises, usually because the ships are smaller and the trips tend to be shorter. If space and luxury are a prime concern for your river cruise vacation, however, consider looking at some of the luxury river cruises available throughout Europe.

Activities and things to do on board a cruise ship will vary, but in general, ocean cruisers will find swimming pools, bars, gambling halls and live musical entertainment onboard the ship. Themed cruises are an excellent way to travel for anyone who may have a special interest and want to meet other cruisers with a similar interest. Everything from singles cruises to needle point activity groups can be found onboard a themed cruise ship.

Family cruising is also growing in popularity, as more families see cruises as a great way to entertain the entire family. Disney cruises to Disney World or Disneyland are among the most popular family cruises, as are holiday cruises and other cruises with families in mind. For adults looking for a break from families and children during their vacation, it is also possible to find adults-only cruises or cruises that put a limit on the number of children they allow per trip. Whatever you have in mind for your vacation, you will be likely to find a cruise ship to meet your needs.

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