Cruises to Africa

Extended ocean voyages around the world was the way that many travelers used to see the wonders of the world. On cruises to Africa, you can experience the continent the way many visitors used to for centuries. Africa is filled with rivers, canals, and is easily accessible from Europe, the Mediterranean as well as southwest Asia.

Many cruises typically do not stop at Africa ports exclusively but are often part of a larger cruise package. Cruises to Africa might commence somewhere in the Mediterranean and cruise around Africa via the Suez Canal. Africa cruises are typically longer than an average cruise and can take up to three weeks or more.

While you're at Suez, you can take excursions to Cairo and along the Red Sea coast of Egypt, which has some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world.

Cairo has been a sought-after destination, for hundreds of years. Countries like Egypt, with its Arab, Berber, Coptic and Africa n influences are a wonderful example of the diversity of culture and influences that shape all parts of this wondrous continent.

Most cruises on the Nile originate in Cairo. One option you can explore is extending your tour of the continent by booking another tour before or after your main cruise.

Further south, on the eastern coast lays Mombassa, Kenya - a natural island surrounded by water. This 15 Square mile land area has an interesting history of Arab to English influences. This port, the largest in Eastern Africa, features such historic details such as colonial homes, town hall from the bygone era, and picturesque garden squares.

For those who want to cruise west Africa, buttressing the Indian Ocean of the Western Coast of Africa is Dar es Salaam in Tanzania; it is quickly becoming one of Western Africa 's most well-known stopovers.

This port is a must to cruise west Africa. Its Arab name dates back to the time of the Sultanates. This city had its humble beginnings as a fishing village and is now a busy hub as the commercial capitol of Tanzania.

The largest country is Eastern Africa, has the largest mountain on the continent Mount Kilimanjaro. Also, 25% of Tanzania vast expanses are protected. To experience the natural splendors that abound in this country, visit of the game reserves or many national parks, most of which are only a day's excursion from Dar es Salaam.

Travel north to Mkwaja Saadani National Park, the country's only coastal wildlife preserve. You can get a taste of history as well up north by visiting Bagamoyo, only 45 miles north of Dar Es Salaam, and the starting point of many caravan routes for the slave trade that flourished here hundreds of years ago.

Zanzibar is one of the alluring destinations that you can reach from Dar es Salaam. On this island, you can see, hear and taste Swahili history and culture and history. This area was very important to the spice trade; enormous caravan carries exotic goods traversing Africa, Arabia, South Asia and extending to China.

Another likely stop is Durban, South Africa, What was once a natural lagoon is now the largest port and second largest city in South Africa. Explore the golden mile, a strip of shops, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs with unimpeded views of the Indian Ocean. Or take a day trip through the exotic foliage and fauna to discover the countryside village that still follow traditional ways.

Most South African Cruises include Port Elizabeth, is a city rich with history. It is well known for its art nouveau architecture, and has a diverse and interesting cultural history. 1820 was the year English settled first set up an outpost here. Chinese, Indian, African and Arab culture add to the international mix of culture and beauty in this famous city.

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