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Alaska Cruise
Alaska Cruise

If you are longing to explore the Pacific Northwest, Alaska cruises on the Inside Passage is an absolute must. This itinerary, displays the best that nature has to offer, and a cruise highlights the bounty of the wilderness.

As you travel north of the Puget Sound, beyond Vancouver and Victoria Island, past the temperate rainforest of coastal B.C., you will find where Alaska begins. Some of these trees that you sail past are hundreds of years old.

Alaska Cruise Summer
Alaska Cruise Summer

Unlike anyplace else in the world, Alaska will ignite your imagination with its starry nights and quiet beauty. Like the 15-year, 200-mile journey of the glaciers to Glacier Bay, you will feel an inexorable pull on yourself as well. You might choose to visit during the months of May and September, right before or after the tourist season for great rates while still being able to enjoy the best weather for sightseeing for the deck of your cruise ship.

Alaska cruises will typically commence in the town of Vancouver BC. An invigorating feeling fills you at the city of Vancouver. Its gleaming white Port area with magical white clouds of fog blanketing the harbor is where you will begin your journey north.

Tracy Arm Fjord
Tracy Arm Fjord

As you glide north, the brilliance of the environment is truly magnificent. The intense greens of the coastal forest add to their silent majesty. An enormous coniferous forest blankets most of BC. A feeling of awe will fill you as you gaze upon the alpine peaks and untouched woodland and you realize that this pristine wilderness extends for millions of acres. Behind you is the Pacific Ocean, which itself extends for thousands of miles. The feeling is indescribable.

The port of Prince Rupert will be a likely stop on your Alaska Cruise. On the North Coast of B.C., this island of civilization is a great place to absorb some local culture and explore life in the Pacific Northwest. The marine flavor of this port enhanced by the rugged Native way of life combine for a unique combination.

A good variety of tours can be enjoyed after you dock here on your Alaska cruise tour. Enjoy a piece of ancient history as you learn about the 10,000-year history of settlement in this area. You can fly to Pike Island by water plane and enjoy the archaeological ruins there, or for a bit of local history tour BC oldest surviving salmon cannery.

Further north is Sitka, a city with dramatic views in every direction: an extant Volcano on one side of the city, and the expanse of the Pacific Ocean to the west. Sitka has a intriguing historical ambience, like St Michaels Cathedral, a replica of a hundred year old Russian Orthodox structure that burned down in 1966. Priceless indigenous treasures are to be found at the Sheldon Jackson Museum.

Your Alaska cruise tour will take you north to Cape Spencer and Glacier Bay, home to the famous Cape Spencer lighthouse. Like so many of Alaska's gifts, this monument is best seen from boat or plane. Glacier Bay is also home to some of the world's most stupendous natural monuments. 25 story tall monuments of ice floating in the bay is what makes this Glacier Bay a place unlike any other in the world.

Soon you will travel up towards Prince William Sounds. Tens of thousands of years ago glaciers cut jagged paths into the Chugach Mountains, that forged the naturally sculpted mountains you see today.

A modern, safe oasis of civilization in the midst of rugged territory, Anchorage is one of the largest cities in Alaska. Experience the kindness and unassuming nature of the local people as you wander through the streets of this teeming port town. So like the deep blue evening sky against the radiant white of the floating ice castles, their vibrant nature ad genuine warmth is a stark contrast to the chilly and tranquil oasis that is Alaska.

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