All Inclusive Cruises

All inclusive cruises are a great idea for travelers who want to keep a tab on how much they are spending, and for those who simply don't want to pull out their credit card every five minutes. Most cruises are not all inclusive. While they may include entertainment onboard the ship and some food and drink, most cruises will require payment for all other services. It can be confusing to search for all inclusive cruise deals, as the term can be misleading. Although many more services and activities will be covered in the overall price, whatever package you choose there will almost always be some type of special service that will be outside of what is covered by your deal, and this can be frustrating.

If you're looking for all-inclusive cruise deals that cover travel to and from the ship, a good bet is the mid-range cruise line Island Cruises. A selection of their cruises, including a seven-week cruise to the Mediterranean, and week-long Marinas and Monuments cruise around Europe, include flights and transfers as well as onboard services, dining, and drinks.

Families looking for all inclusive cruise deals may want to check out the Disney cruise line. On the Disney ships, Dream, Magic, and Wonder, food and drinks, as well as loads of onboard kids activities, are covered in the one-time cruise price. Disney sails to a range of destinations, including the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Europe, and Alaska. Those looking for all inclusive river cruises, meanwhile, should check out the company Amawaterways, renowned for its all inclusive luxury voyages around Europe. Their six ships sail on the Rhine, Danube, and the Dhuro, and passengers can pay an all inclusive fare, which covers meals, drinks, entertainment, and excursions to a dazzling list of European towns and cities along the riverside, such as Amsterdam, Budapest, and Nuremberg.

Its a good idea to look for all inclusive cruise packages that cover shore excursions, including trips to holiday resorts and onshore attractions. Cruise itineraries will try and cherry-pick the best attractions in their region. While the best Caribbean cruises will take in the top 10 things to do in the Caribbean, longer cruises to Europe, for example, will do their best to stop at ports of call that allow passengers to sample the best food and drink in Italy, for example, or visit some of the top attractions in France. Many all inclusive cruises will take advantage of the facilities at hotel resorts along the way, and will offer day-passes that allow access that is usually slightly more limited than what a permanent guest could expect.

All inclusive cruise packages differ depending on which cruise line you chose. Most of the major cruise lines offer all inclusive deals that cover meals and non-alcoholic beverages, although you should check whether there is a restriction on which dining venues you are permitted to use. Some cruise ships will have main dining rooms open to all, while elite restaurants and bars may not be covered within the all inclusive deal. It's also common for entertainment and sports facilities to be covered under all inclusive cruise packages. Gyms and cinemas will be included in these packages, while more unusual facilities like ice-skating rinks, or entertainment events like onboard musicals or comedy acts, may not be covered. A good selection of all inclusive cruises include use of the spa, so cruisers can take advantage of hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms, but may charge extra for specialty treatments such as face masks or massages. Therefore, it's best to read the small print when choosing these deals.

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