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The American Independence is scheduled to launch in 2010.

American Cruise Lines offers intimate local trips, primarily along the East Coast of the United States, and offers a unique experience of charming stops and entertainment that every passenger is sure to remember long after their journey has ended. Each American Cruise Line Ship runs a different route, and while the majority of the fleet operates along the eastern seaboard, there is one ship that has headed west to serve passengers in Oregon and Washington. American offers four different vessels, each with an interesting selection of ports of call, entertainment, and itineraries. Guests aboard any one of the cruises on American ships will find lasting ruminations of a delightful experience.

The earliest American Cruise Lines trips were in the 1970s and 1980s, but the company unfortunately went out of business in that decade. However, in 2000, the same owner re-opened this unique cruise line. The oldest member of the fleet, which was built in 1995, is the Queen of the West, which was the first overnight passenger sternwheeler to operate in the Western US in more than 80 years. Unlike early paddlewheel boats, which were powered by steam, the Queen of the West is propelled by a hydraulic powered wheel that stands three stories high. Traveling the waters of the Columbia and Snake rivers, this American Cruise Line ship passes through a variety of landscapes, from mountains to lush greenery. In each port of call, guests will encounter the natural surroundings during shore excursions, performances by Native Americans, and informative tidbits from local experts.

The majority of the fleet concentrates on the eastern shores of the United States; each of these ships runs on a schedule that varies locations along the coast throughout the year. The American Glory, launched in 2002, boasts a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of lounges and observation decks, where guests can meet and relax with fellow travelers. The ship has a limited number of staterooms and an exclusive, country-club atmosphere. Its itineraries include journeys through New England and along the coast of Maine, river cruises in Florida and on the Hudson, and trips through the South and its islands.

Expanding the fleet in 2005 with the American Spirit, cruises on American moved inland with this specially designed vessel that navigates with ease through historic waterways of the East Coast. The Spirit has a capacity of 93 passengers, and its fascinating itineraries allow passengers to indulge their love of history and share it with other travelers.

In June of 2007, the American Star entered the fleet of the American Cruise Lines, traversing the waters near historical ports along the southern portion of the East Coast. It is similar to the Spirit, holding 100 passengers and focusing on itineraries that are of historic interest. This beautiful ship journeys through the South, the Chesapeake Bay, and inland on the Hudson River, among other fascinating destinations.

The Independence, the largest and latest addition to the family, offers spacious state rooms, plenty of recreational facilities and areas, and even more ports of call. Cruises on American Cruise Lines provide quaint encounters with many forms of entertainment, including theatrical performances, shore excursions, and musical presentations. The capacity is roughly the same as the Star and the Spirit, but the ship itself is larger, creating greater facilities and more luxurious staterooms for its passengers.

Each American Cruise Line ship offers unique experiences, stopping in locations rich in heritage, history, and natural beauty. From Portland, Maine in the north to the Great Rivers of Florida, meandering through tropical lagoons and a southern paradise, to the historically important Columbia and Snake Rivers in the west, cruises on American provide a delightful and intriguing encounter with the coastal treasures of the United States.

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