Independence Cruise Ship

The American Independence is scheduled to launch in 2010.

The Independence Cruise Ship is the latest addition to the family of American Cruise Ships, offering unusual and historic itineraries along the East Coast of the United States. With stops along the eastern seaboard, the Independence provides a charming experience without the pomp and show of many of the larger cruise lines. Most of the ships in the American Cruise Line fleet offer about 100 state rooms, and while the American Independence Ship is somewhat larger than the rest, it offers a similar number of rooms, ensuring that guests find the accommodations—and the rest of the ship—comfortable and spacious. While on board, passengers can enjoy a number of dining options and activities, including theatrical performances, musical displays, and guest speakers or visitors.

As the newest member of the American Cruise Ships, the Independence is not only larger and more spacious, but it also offers a smoother journey than many of the other ships in the fleet. The ship is stabilized with authentic Rolls Royce stabilizers, allowing it to arrive safely and comfortably to even more destinations. While the passenger capacity matches that of the other American cruise ships, the Independence Cruise Ship has larger staterooms, almost all of which include balconies, as well as recreational areas, lounges, several passenger decks, a spacious dining hall, and state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

Many of the larger cruise lines offer fancy shows, casino halls, and fully equipped recreational facilities for guests to enjoy during a long journey, which can be fun, but the large crowds can also be impersonal and overwhelming for some passengers. In contrast, American cruise ships specialize in quaint and intimate experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime. Guests of the Independence Cruise Ship and other members of the American fleet can look forward to charming theatrical presentations, musical performances, tours, and guest speakers during a trip along the eastern coast of the United States. Many of these forms of entertainment take place at ports of call and often relate to the history of that destination, and guests can look forward to a fresh show and port each day, as every ship docks in a new harbor every night.

While aboard the American Independence ship, or any of the other ships in the fleet, passengers will see a beautiful portion of the East Coast, including the upper reaches of Maine, inland waterways, the Chesapeake Bay, and the southern tip of Florida. In addition, the Queen of the West offers journeys along the Columbia and Snake rivers in the western United States. American cruises generally last between seven and ten days, and while reservations can be pricey, there are discounts and deals that can be found through travel agencies and during off-peak seasons.

Offering more spacious rooms and several more recreational areas, the American Independence Ship provides guests with an even smoother ride than the other members of its fleet, and the new destinations and entertainment are sure to please. Passengers of the Independence Cruise Ship will enjoy unparalleled experiences and are sure to leave with fond memories of this unique cruise opportunity.

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