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Asia is a land of hidden treasures. From India to the Philippines, there are dozens of port cities, gateway to the lands of the Orient and opportunities to cruise Asia. You chance to cruise Asia is a fun and easy way to get around and explore everything that this alluring continent has to offer.

From Turkmenistan in the west to South Korea in the East, this continent is home to the plateau of the world, Tibet, and well as the ancient Hindu Kush. Countries like Pakistan and East Timor defy classification and the mix of cultures in these countries only enhance the exotic flavor.

There are a number of port cities you can depart from on your Asia luxury cruise, a good choice being Bangkok, Thailand. This city is overflowing with cultural riches, and its miles of temples and sacred structures with simply astound you. The chance to explore revered temples richly decorated with ornate filigree and filled with golden Buddhas await you during your Thailand cruise.

The lush air and majestic scenery only enhance the feeling of awe that will overcome you as you gaze upon the façade of Wat Phra Kaeo. Immaculate paintings and brightly colored statues of Buddhist deities greet you as you enter. The building, over two hundred years old, is one of the most revered sites in Thailand, so appropriate dress is required

If you're more interested in explorer the inland parts of Southeast Asia, then a river cruise is the best way to go, and cruises in the Mekong Delta have been getting more popular in recent years. There are options for Mekong River cruises in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia, or you can seek out itineraries that include multiple countries or trips to historic sites such as Angkor Wat.

Located off the end of the Malaysian peninsula at the meeting of sea routes is Singapore. This is a small but bustling island that has absorbed the influences of the cultures around it, yet retained a feel that is distinctly unique. In addition to having one main island, 50 smaller islets surround this country. Easily accessible by speedboat from the bustling city center is the island of Sentosa. There is a lot to see and do in Sentosa - museums, nature trails, a dolphin lagoon and historical ruins all await your exploration.

Shanghai, China, is rapidly becoming the new favorite over the decadence of Hong Kong, and there are many China cruises that stop here. Here the excitement of development and tourism keep this city's blood flowing. British, French and Russian influences are reflected in the settlements that remain in those quarters of the city. Shanghai is a city perched precariously on the edge between the past and the future, and there's no more unusual way to see it than through a Shanghai cruise.

Another great stop on cruises to Asia is Belauan, Indonesia. The city of Medan where you will dock is the entryway to the highlands of the Lake Toba region. Learn about the tribes that once called this place home, mingle with the socialites of Medan, and make a stop at the mountain oasis of Prapat.

The dizzying scent of exotic spices and the warm trade winds first enticed Arab, Indian, and Chinese ships to stop at locations throughout the pacific. Only by touring a number of Asian countries can you begin to understand their way of life. What is Asia ? Asia is Bhutan, and Asia is Tibet. Asia is India, the Philippines, and Hong Kong as well.

From the hundreds of languages to the stark contrasts of Buddhism and Islam, Asia is a continent that is unlimited in its offerings. Cruises to Asia will show you a place with rich a diversity of culture and life.

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