Bahamas Cruises

The clearest waters anywhere can be found in the Bahamas. Take a Bahamas cruise to explore this island nation, which is made up of a chain of 700 islands, some no more than uninhabited cays and enormous rocks jutting out of the water.

The capitol of Nassau is located on New Providence Island. This is like a sister island to the aptly named Paradise Island - being the two largest islands in the chain. A Bahamas cruise will likely drop anchor here in Nassau, though many cruise packages will include multiple stops.

Visit the world famous Straw Market, and strike up a lovely conversation with a local artisan while she sews together her latest creation. Watch the wood chips fly as a local carver sculpts a graceful flamingo, an endangered species that are native to the island.

Cruise to Bahamas
Cruise to Bahamas

The most relaxed, idyllic scenery greets you as you walk around this island archipelago. From the stunning sunset on Harbor Island to the deserted beaches of Georgetown, a feeling of pure tranquility will overcome you when you cruise Bahamas.

Whether you enjoy golf, sunning, snorkeling, or hiking, you will have an incredible time when you cruise Bahamas. You can charter a private boat and spend the day anchored off one of the many deserted islands, swim to shore and feel like a king for a day. Or simply enjoy some excellent snorkeling and unsurpassed views of the deep blue yonder. As the sun sets and you return to land, you will experience the sway of the ocean as it moves you to the very core.

If it's the right time of year, Junkanoo is the thing to see - it takes place January 1 on Grand Bahama Island. It is the Bahamian version of Carnival: groups decide on a theme and a parade of costume, dance, drumming and music fills the quiet night air with song and life.

The Exhumas are a smaller chain of 365 small islands and cays that are best explored by small boat. You will see here that day after day passes in calm and peace and pure tranquility, and as you look at the little seashells, you might find yourself wishing you were one of the little fishes that call this place home.

If you want adventure you can find it here as well - just getting around is quite a feat. You might enjoy having to go by water to explore the next island or to get back to your cruise ship at night. There is also a natural formation known as the Blue Hole. This is a deep circular depression that is popular with divers. Its smooth stone walls are eerily perfect and without fear, you will be drawn to explore it depths.

Bahamas Cruises
Bahamas Cruises

There are so many islands to explore that you never feel crowded in the Bahamas, and the people here are as relaxed and friendly as you will find anywhere. Find cheap cruises to the Bahamas, and get away from it all. It's no wonder why the Bahamas is home to the Atlantis resort. These pristine white sand beaches are almost otherworldly in their splendor. For miles around there is nothing but ocean. It is beyond doubt a dream come true.

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