Bermuda Cruises

Located 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda is a small 21 square mile island in a world all its own. With its three ports, and its remote Western Atlantic location, Bermuda cruises are begging to be enjoyed. From its Crystal caves to its colonial streets, cruises to Bermuda bring a disarming blend of culture and nature to delight every kind of traveler.

Hamilton is one of the port cities for Bermuda cruise ships so well known that it is well known as simply, "town." Front Street is the main event here. Situated in view of the harbor, this street is lined with shops and cafes you can relax at as you watch the ships float by, some perhaps on their own Bermuda cruises.

Buffeted by breezes that make for excellent bodysurfing and windsailing, the St. George is a great place to recharge. Take the coastal trail at a leisurely pace as feel at peace as you watch the white-capped waves rise and fall into the ocean.

The island is virtually devoid of tourist in the winter. So it is good to visit if you want to enjoy golf and have the island mostly to yourself, as well as enjoying the great off-season rates.

A number of adventures await every kind of adventurer interested in Bermuda cruises. You can enjoy the train ride with its stunning views, or take a horseback ride in the backcountry. Charter a private boat or take a guided tour 8 miles out to sea for incredible snorkeling at the shipwrecked Cristobal Colon, which ran aground in 1937. Nearby is a ship that suffered the same fate a year later trying to follow its course. Immersed in about 50 feet of water, both of these wrecks are enjoyable and simple to explore even for the inexperienced diver.

While both British and Americans visit here frequently, both have different impressions. Depending on your tastes, you will find the British influence to be inviting and will enrich your visit. Pubs abound here and you will often see people enjoying a game of cricket.

The heady perfumes of the Botanical Gardens will sooth your senses. Numerous old forts are also fun to explore and offer great views of the Atlantic. Bermudas cultural mix is due to its British and African influences, the island is split about 60/40 with people of both cultures living peacefully together.

Calypso and Reggae from the Caribbean influenced the island music here, and the West African tribal rhythyms blend with the former to create Gombey dancing. On New Years Day you can see them dressed in elaborately colored costumes dancing to loud music.

The local cuisine is strongly influenced by seafood, and don't be surprised to find fish sitting next to your eggs in the morning, along with avocado and boiled Irish Potatoes.

Rental cars are not available on the island, so bargain with a cabbie for a narrated island tour punctuated with laughter or rent a scooter and relish the feeling of having arms wrapped around you as the ocean breeze tousles your hair.

A place totally unlike any other, after you enjoy your Bermuda cruises you will never forget it, there is simply no place like it on earth.

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