Booze Cruises

Booze cruises invite passengers to party hard, whether they're hopping on a one-hour cruise with a discounted bar, or really jumping in with both feet and opting for an all-night party with open bar and inclusive night club tickets. Booze cruises pop up wherever there are fun-loving travelers, but two of the most popular are the Hawaii booze cruise and the Cape Cod Canal booze cruise. Make sure, when booking, that you understand what is included in the price: deals may cover some drinks or clubs and not others, and you don't want to be worrying about money once you're onboard and letting your hair down.

Cape Cod Canal Booze Cruise

A Cape Cod Canal booze cruise will take you on a leisurely trip down this man-made canal joining Cape Cod to Massachusetts, which is a well-known engineering feat. Live music cruises and jazz cruises are popular at Cape Cod, but if you want to guarantee a good flow of drink, there are regular booze cruises, including sunset cocktail cruises, down the canal. The Cape is home to Martha's Vineyard, so you may want to choose a cruise that provides you with some of the best bottles from the vineyard. Along the way, you'll see historical sights such as the Bourne Bridge, the Fish Pier, and, of course, Cape Cod Bay itself. If you're looking for cruise deals that you'll remember for a lifetime, this is the one for you.

Hawaii Booze Cruise

Booze cruises from Hawaii can be the highlight of a trip to this potential party destination. There are several boats that cruise from Honolulu. In the high season, a Hawaii Booze cruise will depart from Waikiki Beach every hour. Not all of the cruises offer an all inclusive ticket, but most provide alcohol at cheaper prices than you'd find on restaurants and bars on the beach. There are also great cocktail and dinner cruises, some of the most popular of which cruise from Maui. Many of these more intimate cocktail cruises are on sailing catamarans, so make sure that if you want to dance, you book a trip on a larger boat. Some of these booze cruises double as singles cruises, so watch out for these if you're looking for love.

Cancun Booze Cruise

Cancun is known as a sizzling hot party destination, and is a particularly popular spring break destination. Booze cruises tend to make stops at Cancun's famous nightclubs by night, and sun-kissed islands by day, such as Islas Mujeres and Cozumel. Sunset dinner cruises whisk their passengers away for great food, onboard shows, and—of course—an open bar. There are also party circuit tours available, is you want your Cancun booze cruise to take you to the hottest night clubs in town. The tour company Cancun Discounts provides a good choice of these party cruises, which include the price of tickets to the clubs on the circuit, and an all-you-can-drink bar. Daytime booze cruises stop at one or two islands on a circular trip, and also tend to offer an open bar, so the party simply switches to the sunny hours.

Bahama Booze Cruise

As a tropical paradise with Caribbean rhythm and some of the best rum in the world, the Bahamas offers hundreds of cruise vacation packages and themed cruises, including booze cruises. A Bahama booze cruise can include snorkeling, live music, sunbathing, unlimited drinks, dance lessons, or all of the above. Booze cruises depart regularly from Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, and Nassau, on New Providence. They range from two-hour cruises to longer dinner and DJ voyages where you can watch the sun go down in style.

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