Canadian Cruise

To the north of the United States lies a destination that is often overlooked - Canada. Take a Canadian cruise to the Prince Edward Island and on the way stop at French Quebec City. Cruise Canada, and you will find you don't have to go far to experience a totally different culture. Canada is strongly influenced by the first explorers to come overseas from France and England. From the image of Queen Elizabeth to the French speaking Quebecois ,

You can depart on your Canada cruises from a US port such as Boston or New York. Or you can travel to a city such as Toronto in the province of Ontario, if you prefer. Arrive a few days before your Canadian cruise and explore this city, which has a distinctly European feel. Toronto is a very safe, clean city that is easy to explore. Toronto has an inland harbor on the Great Lakes, so it is not often on Canadian cruise itinerary, but it is a must for the visitor traveling to Canada or on a cruise to Canada.

Americans have enjoyed a god exchange rate for many years. Its proximity and approachability make Canada a popular destination for North American travelers.

If you enjoy the bustle of city life, this town will definitely fit the bill. The theatre scene here is as well known as that of New York and London, and the Phantom of the Opera has been a long running symbol of the lively theatre culture here. This city has a lively mix of cultures as well, adding to its metropolitan feel. This is definitely a walking city, there is world class shopping to be had, from high-end retailers to funky little boutiques selling one of a kind creations.

Niagara Falls is just a short drive away, so if you want a break from exploring the city, rent a car and go to the falls, where you be mesmerized by the way the water slips over the precipice to its dizzying fall far below.

The port destination of Montreal in Canada is a must see as well. Located on the St. Lawrence River which flows into the Atlantic, this city has a distinct blend of the French and Canadian culture that is quintessentially Quebec. The Quebecois, as they call themselves speak French and proudly distinguish themselves from their English-speaking Canadian counterparts. Most people in Montreal do speak English, and the French they speak here would baffle any Parisian with its unique phrases and accents.

Souris, on Prince Edward Island is a historical place of quiet beauty. It was here in 1864 that the first gathering was held to confer about the Federal Union of Canada.

Quebec City is an alluring port destination as well. Here you can find the last remaining fortified city. The Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site of Canada protects and maintains the old fortifications that were built to protect Quebec Old City.

Winter is an excellent time to visit Quebec City. In the winter there are two weeks of festivities including dog sled races, parades, and ice sculpture displays. You can go tobaganning, a hair-raising experience on which you speed downhill on a metal sled, or stick to ice skating and skiing at Battlefield Park with its views of the St. Lawrence River.

A visit to Canada is exhilarating and refreshing. Once you visit you will understand why the explorers that traveled from across the Atlantic chose to settle here and call it their home away from home.

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