Costa Cruise Line

A cruise on Costa Cruise line is anything but ordinary. These richly decorated ships have a modern layout with an elegant Italian flair. Costa has a fleet of 9 ships with interesting European-inspired names. Operating since 1860, the Costa name was long associated with Olive Oil, which used to be its main cargo. It's been offering one-of- kind experiences since 1959.

A long tradition of service is carried down to the current day. The CostaAllegra is a marvel of craftsmanship. Hand-cut pink marble, gleaming wood and fine art adorn this magnificent vessel. A dome with a full view of the sky and a three-story glass atrium are nice highlights of this ship. The CostaAllegra tours the Mediterranean on its trips, and you will relish the experience of traveling aboard of this ship with only about 900 other passengers.

As you board, immediately someone will introduce themselves and show you to your ship. This is just a taste of the excellent service that Costa Cruise Line is world famous for. The staff here quickly remember your drink preferences and make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible.

You will depart from Genoa with your fellow passengers, many of which are Italian of French, adding an international flair to your journey. Spanish is also widely spoken on Costa Cruises , so no matter what language you want to practice, it is fun to try greeting the other passengers at lunch or by the pool.

When you dock at Ajaccio, on the French territory of Corsica, you will definitely enjoy the morning walking around this quiet town, but the food on board is so good you will return for lunch. Visit the mosaic museum in Tunis when you dock there. You might enjoy your next stop, Malta, so much that you might decide to return another time and head back to the ship for the afternoon.

The CostaRomantica is another unique addition to the fleet. The ship, built in Italy, has a number of portholes, a unique nautical detail you won't find on most other cruise ships. If you've cruised with Costa before you might be pleasantly surprised to see that the crew recognize you and greet you with a hearty, “Welcome back!”

You will be pleased with the comfort, value and quality aboard a Costa Cruise. The friendly and helpful staff will see to it that all your needs are met. Entertainment is first rate and ranges from classical violinists to an Opera singer who will wow you with his range. The suites on this ship are spacious, some have balconies and others compensate with floor to ceiling windows and a Jacuzzi as well.

A lot of attention has gone into making these ships as visually appealing as possible. Wall hangings, murals, and sculptures transform this ship into a floating upscale hotel.

Whether you are looking for a week of rest and relaxation, or a memorable trip with that certain somebody, a Costa Cruise will leave an impression with you that will last a lifetime.

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