Costa Deliziosa

The Costa Deliziosa will make its maiden voyage in winter 2010.

Costa cruise ships stand on their own as premier luxury ships providing superior service along with beautifully appointed accommodations. Luxury, elegance, and style combined with meticulous attention to detail provide discerning guests the best in luxury cruises aboard this cruise line, and the latest addition, the Costa Deliziosa, doesn't disappoint.

The Costa cruise ships are expanding their itineraries to include travel destinations to countries in the United Arab Emirates with cruises originating in Dubai, and the Deliziosa will be part of this new and unusual opportunity to cruise through the Middle East.

The smaller design of the Costa Deliziosa and its sister ship, Costa Luminosa, provide a more intimate cruise experience for its guests than what might be found aboard larger vessels. The modern style of the ship coupled with its lavish décor using mother-of-pearl, marble, granite, glass, refined wood and timber, and highly polished steel along with decorative finishing techniques also give the Costa Deliziosa an innovative appearance.

Features of the new vessel include a higher number of cabins with balconies, cabins for single passengers, Playstation 3 consoles for each cabin, an 18-hole golf course simulator, putting green, roller skating area, 4-D cinema, and two resort-style pools. Guests can also relax and take a stroll through the atrium, which features a fine collection of paintings and works by noted artists.

An option for health-conscious travelers is the Samsara Spa, which is situated on two levels of the Costa Deliziosa cruise ship. Passengers can reserve luxurious Samsara cabins and dine in the Samsara restaurant, which features food catering to healthy eating.

The Costa Deliziosa offers an excellent children's program providing a full schedule of planned activities, making it an excellent choice for cruise passengers of all backgrounds. Whether you're traveling alone, in a couple, or with children, you're sure to find the Costa cruise ships offer an exceptional vacation.

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