Cruise Deals

Cruise Deals
Cruise Deals

Cruise deals are easy to find, as long as you know where to look. Bargain hunters should think carefully about when they plan to go on vacation, what type of vessel they're looking for, and whether they want their flight to be part of the deal. It's easier to find cruise deals if you're happy to be flexible about your destination. The most popular cruise destinations include Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe, while there are also a good selection of cruises that travel to Mexico, and to destinations in Canada. If you stick to these popular destinations it may be easier to find the cheapest cruise prices, as well as cruise vacation packages that include your flight in the deal. If you're booking your flight separately, it will be more convenient to find flights at the last minute to the more popular embarkation ports, such as Florida, New York and Vancouver. A great place to start comparing deals across several travel sites is right here on this page with the Destination360 booking tool.

Travel agents will know about all the best cheap cruise deals, but vacationers today are increasingly preferring to do their own research online. If you don't want to go to an agent, you can go to the websites of the cruise lines themselves to search for deals. It's also wise to choose off-season dates, where you can. Even a popular destination like the Bahamas or Alaska will have its low season, when cruise lines will be much happier to offer cheap cruise deals to keep their ships sailing.

The cheapest cruise prices can be found on value cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival. Value cruise ships from these major lines won't offer world-class services, but will still have all the amenities and entertainment opportunities you would expect of a cruise liner. The ships will be guaranteed to have pools, gyms, sports facilities, kids clubs, and a wide selection of bars and restaurants, with at least one nightclub. Although value lines may offer the best cruise deals in terms of ticket price, travelers should keep a good eye on what is included in the price. Spa treatments and massages are unlikely to be covered, and you should take a look at whether meal deals are available or not. While luxury lines such as Crystal and Cunard charge higher prices, they are likely to cover more in their one-time ticket price, meaning passengers aren't constantly reaching for their wallets.

There's more to finding cheap cruise deals than comparing the ticket price. Holiday planners should have a good think about how they will spend their time onboard. Booze cruises can be a great option for people who want to let their hair down and party. If you know you'll be hitting the bars and clubs, it might be cheaper for you in the long run to book yourself on to one of the better-value party cruises, which will offer good deals on drinks. There are all types of theme and specialty cruises, from singles cruises to snorkeling, jazz, or bridge cruises. It may be more difficult to find the cheapest cruise prices for these theme cruises and package cruise vacations, but choosing carefully between the ships is likely to pay off in the long run.

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