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Since 1972 Carnival Cruise Line has been providing fantastic ocean voyages. With a fleet of 21 ships, you can board a Superliner such as the Fantasy. Carnival Cruise Ship is a great choice for families with younger children and for first time cruisers.

Celebrity Cruises, the youngest of the large cruise lines, has a fleet of 9 magnificent ships known for their marvelous itineraries and exceptional menus, which are conceived by the master Chef Michel Roux. Established in 1989 by the Greek based Chandris Group - a company with over 60 years of passenger shipping experience, Celebrity Cruise Line is known as a premium cruise line.

Highly recommended by respected travel magazines such as Conde Naste Traveler, Clipper Cruise line offers small ship cruises go just about everywhere in the course of a year - the western coast of Canada to the South Pacific, Japan to New Zealand. Whatever kind of trips you want to have, Clipper Cruise can accommodate you.

A cruise on Costa Cruise line is anything but ordinary. These richly decorated ships have a modern layout with an elegant Italian flair. Costa Cruise has a fleet of 9 ships with interesting European-inspired names. Operating since 1860, the Costa name was long associated with Olive Oil, which used to be its main cargo.

Crystal Cruise Line is a luxury cruise line of unparalleled style and service. Its small fleet has only three ships, but a great deal of work and attention has gone into their design. The unstated elegance of the polished brass and gleaming wood interiors will set the tone for your trip with a luxurious, yet comfortable atmosphere on Crystal Cruise Lines.

Cunard line is a cruise line with ships of immense proportions and a reputation to match. Cunard Cruise Line is a name that has long been synonymous with quality passenger shipping.

If you love fun, and want to experience a trip that is beyond the ordinary, try a few days on the Disney Cruise Line. A trip to Disney is every kids dream. If you're a big kid, a trip aboard any Disney Cruise Lines might be just the thing.

An impressive fleet of ships await your exploration on Holland America Cruise Line, which has been providing memorable sea voyages since its first passenger liner first cross from Rotterdam to New York in the 1870s. The disposable gloves worn by the servers in the buffet is a small example of the care and attention to detail that Holland America Cruises is known for.

A floating five star resort is what cruising aboard the Oceania Cruise line feels like. 2 ships is all that this premium cruise lines needs to provide magnificent, one-of-a-kind cruise experiences. Founded in 1992 by a duo of cruise industry veterans, Oceania Cruise Lines does not hide the fact that numbers is not what makes a cruise line stand apart from the rest - one incredible experience is all that it takes.

Lose yourself like Gilligan on a Princess Cruise - featured on the hit show the Love Boat, Princess Cruise Line have long been a trusted name in the cruise industry. With 15 ships and a bevy of exotic itineraries to peruse, on Princess Cruises you are only limited by your imagination.

Luxury and service await you onboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises. This fleet of six small to medium sized ships compel you with an incredible variety of amenities and itineraries to choose from. From its humble beginnings in 1992 as a single ship cruise line, the Radisson Seven Seas Cruise has expanded since then and now enjoys an excellent reputation for quality luxury cruises.

One of the world's largest Cruise lines, The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, provides the modern day traveler a vehicle of comfort during their journeys overseas. For over 30 years the Royal Caribbean Cruise has been offering superior vacation experiences. This moderately priced cruise line has a fleet of 25 ships.

The three ships of the Seabourn Cruise Line are all it needs to offer you the best in cruising contentment and opulence. A luxury cruise lines offering elegant and enormous yachts, Seabourn Cruise Lines offer you the best in travel, taking you in intimate luxury to your dream vacation.

Stunning new ships, all outside cabins, and perfect itineraries that are all executed with style, ease and grace await you on a Silversea Cruise. A relatively new name that is breaking the mold in the vacation cruise market, Silversea Cruise Line lives up to its name - the world looks different through the eyes of the traveler that has had the privilege of taking one of these cruises.

The Star Clipper Cruise Line is the builder of the biggest traditional sailing ship in the world - the Royal Clipper. This enormous ship debuted in 2000 and since then has been offering exceptional cruises to the hardy explorer. Star Clipper Cruise has just three ships in its fleet, however, a great deal of time and love has been put into these vessels, as you will see when you cruise on Star Clipper.

If you've ever wanted to try a cruise that is completely out of this world, try a Star Cruise. Based in Singapore, the Star Cruise Line has a fleet of 5 fine ships that sojourn to exotic Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, and other stunning, exotic gems that dot the Southeast Asian coastline.

Escape the bustle and confusion of large cruises and take a trip on Windjammer Barefoot Cruises. This company has a fleet of 6 tall ships that offer a one of a kind cruises to unspoiled destinations and pristine beaches. The sailing fleet, established in 1947 by Captain Mike Burke; is known for the unequalled experience of the relaxed and casual affair that is a quintessential Windjammer Cruise.

A breath of fresh air from the standard cruise, the Luxury Windstar Cruises operates a fleet of 4 cruise liners with masts and sails. The Windstar Cruise fleet is made up of four mega-yachts, all about 440 feet long except for the largest, the Windsurf, which is 614ft.

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