Cruise to Nowhere

A Cruise to Nowhere isn't exactly what it sounds like. The cruises have an itinerary; they just don't have any ports of call. A Cruise to Nowhere attracts vacationers who simply want to indulge in the relaxation and pampering of the cruise ship life, and enjoy all of the onboard activities on offer, without interruption. Passengers are then dropped off once more at the port where they embarked, after one to three nights of fun-filled adventure. There is often a greater range of sports, entertainment, and games on offer on these cruises, as the ship becomes the passengers' whole world. A Cruise to Nowhere is also more likely to place emphasis on enrichment programs, such as music, dance, cooking lessons, and tours of areas on the ship that are normally out-of-bounds, such as the galley or bridge.

Cruises to Nowhere can be hard to find in advance, as they are often scheduled into a ship's yearly timetable so that it can realign with a new set of itineraries. Instead of simply waiting for the new itinerary to start, which would lose the cruise line money, they embark on these short cruises instead. Two-night voyages are the most popular, although there are also one and three-night journeys on offer. While the schedules can be unpredictable, the logic behind these cruises makes a cheap Cruise to Nowhere easier to find. After all, these cruises are a good way for companies to save money, so they are normally keen to fill them up. Fares are often cheap in comparison to longer voyages with ports of call. However, those booking a cheap Cruise to Nowhere should check what services are inclusive in their ticket. They should also make sure that they book as far in advance as possible, as travelers in the know are quick to jump on these unique opportunities to cruise for less.

One of the best ways to experience one of these unique sailings is to book a Carnival Cruise to Nowhere. Carnival is a well-regarded value cruise line, so their prices are already reasonable. While itineraries can change, they traditionally offer cruises of two to three days, from New York, Vancouver, and Norfolk, Virginia. A Carnival Cruise to Nowhere is a great way for first-time cruisers to sample the bars, restaurants, sports facilities, and excellent dining options onboard Carnival ships. Those worried that their time won't be filled should be reassured. The days will fly by, with action-packed hours at the cinema, luxuriating at a spa, in the all-night casinos, or shopping in the duty-free stores.

Other large cruise companies such as Holland America and Norwegian also offer these unique sailings. They normally departing from busy home-ports, such as Seattle, Miami, New York City, or Norfolk. However, those looking for a cheap Cruise to Nowhere are still best to go with a Carnival Cruise to Nowhere. The line was originally set up to offer shorter cruises at reasonable rates, so creating an unforgettable one to three day voyage, which won't burn a hole in your pocket, is their specialty.

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