Cunard Cruise Line

Cunard line is a cruise line with ships of immense proportions and a reputation to match. Cunard is a name that has long been synonymous with quality passenger shipping.

The enormous Queen Mary is a staggering 1,131 feet long. With a whopping $800 Million invested in her creation, this ship sets magnificent stage for an unforgettable luxury cruise. The maiden voyage of the Queen Mary took place in 2004, and since then she has quickly risen to fame, attraction attention greet her at every port call accommodating enough for her tremendous size.

This vessel is more than a ship, is it an ocean liner solidly built to withstand rough seas with hardly a pitch. On board this titanic vessel, you will realize what the distinction is between a cruise ship and this mega ocean liner. You can spend hours exploring the various decks of this ship. Lavishly decorated atriums and halls await your perusal.

The sheer finery of this magnificent vessel is the enchanting setting for your magical ocean voyage. Relax is comfort and ease while you make a transatlantic crossing. The expansive Royal Court theatre is the grand stage for a setting such as a classical violin concert. The chandeliers that grace all parts of the ship will enchant you with their brilliant sparkle.

Auctions, wine tasting, and lectures reflect the quality that awaits you, from the varied entertainment to the sumptuous and artful flair with which the 5 star dishes are presented.

Excellent presentation and a variety of courses to choose from await you in the impeccable Britannia restaurant.

Smooth sailing awaits you as well on the well-built Caronia, an older ship, built solid as a rock. Even riding 7-foot swells on this recently refurbished vessel you will not hear a creak like on other older ships. The Baltic Sea cruise is an exceptional backdrop, its centuries old seaports and towns adding drama and setting the stage for your ocean cruise. Tasteful touches of Mahogany, brass and other fine woods line this stylish vessel in vintage grace.

The Queen Elizabeth 2, inaugurated in 1969, was a standard of the Cunard line, offering comfort and old-style luxury and specializing in trans-Atlantic cruises. The QE2 was retired in June 2007, and Cunard began construction on their newest ship, the Queen Elizabeth, which is scheduled to launch in 2010. Boasting sleek lines and modern charm, the new QE will honor its predecessor and offer guests some of the finest cruise travel available.

The Princess and Britannia grills are a welcome diversion. Dress in your most comfortable clothing and prepare to enjoy the a fine dinner complemented by understated elegance and fine service that will leave you in the most magnificent of moods, content and replete.

With so much warmth and ease one these trips, everyone from the smiling and friendly crew to the jovial passengers is having a wonderful time. These vessels have attracted the most discerning of passengers, from royalty to movie stars. You too can experience your own dramatic voyage sailing upon the high seas. Book a cruise on the Cunard line and sample the high life on the sea.

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