Easter Cruises

Easter cruises can last a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks. The shorter ones are specialized holiday cruises that revolve around Easter itself. Passengers can expect to enjoy a buffet spread that is full of savory delights, and more often than not, Easter egg hunts are offered for the kids. As for the longer Easter cruises, they are usually multiple-destination cruises that sail over the Easter holiday. Easter is celebrated on the day that it falls, and the rest of the itinerary is akin to that of a normal cruise. Since Easter is widely celebrated the world over, anyone who is enjoying a cruise during the holiday might also have the chance to enjoy the festivities at any number of onshore destinations.

When trying to find Easter cruises that suit your needs, you might start with the one-day cruises that are offered in any number of cities on the water. In Seattle, for example, it is possible to enjoy a brunch cruise with Argosy Cruises on Elliott Bay. In addition to enjoying a satisfying lunch, passengers on these cruises can enjoy wonderful views of the skyline and the area mountains. Other places where you can enjoy shorter Easter cruises include San Diego, Chicago, and Baltimore, to name a few. These kinds of Easter brunch cruises usually last a couple of hours, and since they are popular, tickets tend to go fast.

As for the longer Easter cruises, escaping to the Caribbean from any number of eastern US ports is always an option, and a cruise from British Columbia to Alaska can certainly be rewarding. Many large cruise lines offer Easter cruises, including Costa Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian, but expect to find options with just about any large cruise line. The possibilities are extensive, so you can really expand your horizons. Maybe an Easter cruise in western Europe will be the right fit. The itineraries for Easter cruises in western Europe can see you making stops in countries such as Portugal and England. Easter is celebrated to great extent throughout western Europe, and any number of countries in the region are prime places to visit during the Easter season. Thanks to its roast lamb feasts, its numerous religious-based ceremonies, its many interesting islands, and its appealing climate, Greece is certainly not to be overlooked when trying to come up with ideas for Easter cruises in Europe.

Weather has a lot to do with the fact that Easter week is one of the peak cruise periods. Spring is a delightful time of year in most every destination, as the weather is warming and the flowers are blooming. Beach season starts in spring at many a cruise hot spot, and the onshore excursion options can see cruise passengers enjoying any number of fun outdoor activities.

Keeping an eye out for Easter cruise deals is recommended, as cruises during Easter week are relatively expensive on the whole. Some Easter cruise packages offer two for one deals, and regardless of what you have in mind, booking well in advance will usually yield the biggest savings. Cruise companies in general like to reward early bookers with deals, especially for the longer, multi-stop cruises that employ the larger ships.

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