European Cruises

Many diverse countries make up what is known as Europe. A European cruise is the quintessential way to see it all, from the cobblestone streets of old London to the ancient stones of Spain, and the availability of cruise packages can help you tailor your vacation to exactly what you want to see.

There are so many regions to explore that there are different types of European cruise experiences. A European cruise of the Baltic Sea will take you to the countries of Scandanavia- Norway, Sweden, and Finland. If you are interested in visiting St. Petersburg, Russia, including it on you itinerary only makes sense since it is nearby and many typical and cheap European cruise lines do offer that option.

The icy northern seas are home to legends of Viking and Valkyries, and the traditions that still live here today are as rich as any other. The sunlit mountain valleys and the rosy faces of the local population will welcome you to a unique experience. The old world charm of Copenhagen, Denmark will cater to your simpler tastes.

On your European cruise travel vacation, you can take a trip back in time on when you visit Tivoli Garden, which was like the father of all amusement parks. You can spend an entire day here walking through its lovely garden setting enjoying its puppet shows, games of chance, amusement rides and delicious restaurants. Stockholm, Sweden is another port city that has not lost its traditional appeal either. Be sure to visit the Vasa Museum, home to the warship that sunk itself due to his heavy armament.

Enjoy some real Danish pastries in Helinski, Finland before you set off for St. Petersburg, Russia. Centuries of Czarist rule have made an indelible impression upon the local architecture. Also known as the " Venice of the North" this city is filled with cathedrals and other enormous monuments of the imperial rule that lasted for hundreds of years.

A Western European tour is another adventure entirely. If you have never cruised before, you will find the ports of Dover, England and Dublin, Ireland welcoming and easy to enjoy, as English is widely spoken here.

A number of European countries also border the Mediterranean which is fortunate for your European cruise travel vacation. You can choose an Eastern or a Western Europe an itinerary. In the west are Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy as well as some islands in the Mediterranean. Here, the waters are a deep blue and the weather is warmer. Centuries foreign rule and influence have made their impression on all of these countries. The brilliance of the antique sunlit stone plazas of Portugal, in the colorful ancient Roman mosaics of Italy, and the Moorish architecture of Spain all are testament to the vibrancy of the cultures that continue to influence the modern European way of life. In the east are the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean such as Greece, some of which, like Turkey, are finding their way into the EU. Europe ans of all walks of life, from all countries take pride in the bounty of their lands.

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