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Lanzarote is a lost treasure at sea, situated 60 miles off the Northwestern edge of the coast of Morocco, in the North African continent. It is one of the 7 Islands that make up the Canary Islands. The first adventurers to discover this island was an ancient Roman expedition, which found a pack of very large dogs living here, and named the island Canes , after the Roman word for Dog.

Lanzarote is a fascinating place, from its mix of cultures to its toppled columns to its legends of Atlantis. Being situated in an island chain that enjoys mild weather year-round, Lanzarote is a well-known destination for many Canary Islands cruises. Europeans, who share the privileges of EU members, often seek the Canary Islands out for a European cruise travel vacation and are free to come and go as they like.

The Canary Islands is an autonomous region of Spain, and in addition to Spanish, both English and German are widely spoken here. Lanzarote is the most northeastern island in the group, and its large commercial fishing fleet is known as the largest of all the islands.

Arrecife is the capitol of this gem, and will likely be your port of call if you arrive on a Canary Islands cruise.

If you enjoy adventure and natural scenery, Lanzarote is sure to motivate you to discover its hidden wonders. This island's coastline bears evidence of its volcanic history. Frozen lava rivers and volcanic rock create alien landscapes on the beaches, giving you an otherworldly feel, and taking you miles away form earth.

When you visit any of the Canary Islands on your European cruise travel vacation, you'll find out why Lanzarote is also known as Islas Afortunados, or the Fortunate Island. This island chain is blessed with beautiful weather year-round. It is an ideal location for surfing. A deep ocean current swells as it meets a shallow volcanic reef, creating enormous waves and drawing surfers and spectators to the beach during the winter months.

Its pristine visage and azure waters of this island inspired tales of Atlantis, which according to the ancient Greek historian and philosopher Plato, who wrote that the mythical island lay beyond the pillars of Hercules, to the west.

Rent a car and drive north to national park of Timanfaya, where you can experience a volcanic field, with its stunning displays of geothermal phenomena. You can take a guided tour and learn more about the volcanic activity of 1730 to 1736, and 1824 that created much of the parks' geological formations. You can also learn about the 180 different plant species that grace this area, including one of which, incredibly lives on the organic matter that travels in the air.

Be sure to make Lanzarote one of the stops in any European cruise travel trips, and keep an eye out for cruise packages that stop at this destination. Whether you've come from Dublin or Venice, as you gaze west into the deep, penetrating blues of the North Atlantic, you will feel like you are miles from anywhere.

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