Largest Cruise Ships

Cruising has been a popular way to spend vacations for over 100 years. Cruise ships were first built in the early twentieth century to accommodate trans-Atlantic ocean crossings. One of the first cruise ships ever built was the Prinzessin Victoria Luise, which was built in 1900 for wealthy travelers that wanted to cross the Atlantic Ocean. At 52 feet wide and around 407 feet long, it contained 120 first-class cabins, a gymnasium, and a darkroom. Although Prinzessin Victoria wasn't the biggest cruise ship in the world, it was certainly the most luxurious ship of its time. Almost five years after the ship made its debut, the captain accidentally steered the ship into a light house, completely destroying the vessel. Thankfully, the passengers were saved.

Today, people enjoy cruises because they offer a chance to visit several different destinations in one vacation, without the hassle of flying. For many visitors, cruising represents the ultimate in luxury travel, and the many cruise packages make trip planning a breeze. The largest cruise ships sailing today have several fine dining restaurants, night clubs, jazz clubs, spa facilities, and both indoor and outdoor pools. It almost seems as though there is no limit for the size of a cruise liner. Almost every year, a brand new liner that competes for the title of biggest cruise ship in the world is introduced. The largest cruise ships sail all over the world, including the Caribbean, across the Atlantic Ocean, and the Arctic Sea. Some of the longest cruise ship expeditions make complete voyages around the world that take three months or more.

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, when it's completed, will have the status of both the longest cruise ship and the biggest cruise ship in the world. The ship will be 1,181 feet long, weigh 222,000 pounds, and have a capacity of 5,400 passengers! It will also have more things to do onboard than any other ship. The ship's main highlight is "Central Park", an open air park the size of a football field. The park will look and feel a bit like the one it was named after in New York City, with outdoor cafes, walking trails, and landscaped gardens. The ship almost feels like a floating city, with shopping centers, fine dining, and recreational facilities.

Royal Caribbean MS Independence of the Seas

This mega-ship is considered one of the largest cruise ships ever built. It can hold 4,370 passengers and 1,360 crew members. Independence of the Seas is also the longest cruise ship ever built at 1,112 feet. Accommodations on board range from affordable interior rooms to ocean-side suites with balconies. One of the highlights of its interior is Promenade Street, which is lined with wine bars, pubs, and shops. If you never thought you could ice skate aboard a cruise ship, you were wrong. The ship has a lower level skating rink that rents skates out to passengers. It also hosts professional skating shows.

RMS Queen Mary 2

When this ship made its debut in 2004, and was the largest luxury cruise liner ever built. The cruise liner displaces 76,000 tons of water, which is more than any other cruise ship. The luxury liner features a casino, a ballroom, fifteen different restaurants, and a theatre. It even has room for a large planetarium!

MS Explorer of the Seas

Largest Cruise Ships - MS <em>Explorer of the Seas</em>
Largest Cruise Ships - MS Explorer of the Seas

This cruise ship measures 1,020 feet, making it one of the largest cruise ships ever built. It can fit 3,114 passengers and 1,180 crew members. In addition to providing a relaxing vacation to passengers, it also accommodates scientists who do research at the ship's atmospheric and oceanographic laboratory, which is operated by the University of Miami. The ship is well known for its entertainment facilities, such as a miniature golf course and a full-sized rock climbing wall.

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