Luxury European River Cruises

Luxury European river cruises provide a chance to travel in style. Many of the world's most chic and romantic cities grew up along meandering rivers—the Seine winds through Paris, the Blue Danube flows from Vienna and cuts Budapest in two, and the Amstel flows through Amsterdam, just to name a few. Several tour companies travel these very rivers and have specially designed vessels designed for river cruises , and for comfort.

While cheap river cruises will get you access to the same cities and same views, upgrading your experience will make your vacation even more memorable and more comfortable. When luxury European river cruises sail the continent's great rivers, the passengers aboard enjoy an upgraded experience with a host of perks. With all the amenities of a luxury hotel and the ability to move from port to port, these luxury European cruises delight and pamper the guests on board, more so than with the cheap river cruises.

Along with overnight accommodations, the top tier cruise companies offer full-service packages . These all-inclusive vacations typically include meals and cocktails-including a captain's dinner. Many of the packages include flights to the departure port as well as sightseeing excursions to shore and cultural experiences with these European river cruises.

Cruise passengers enjoy the ease of one payment and the benefit of staying in the same place every night. As you're moving from town to town, you're not checking into a new hotel with each new city. All you need to do is unpack once and make yourself at home for the duration of your luxury vacation.

Viking River Cruises has ports of call around the world, and its European itineraries visit chic and luxurious cities-some will visited and others just waiting to be discovered. Its luxury European river cruises are available for small groups under 200 people, so you won't feel crowded or overwhelmed. The observant staff will be ready to give you the attention you deserve; you'll have plenty of room to stretch out whether you've chose to relax in your room, stroll the deck, or join the captain for dinner.

Many capital cities such as London, Paris, and Vienna, have luxury day cruises or dinner cruises as well, which can be a great way to get out on the water as well as enjoy time exploring inland.

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