Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises
Mediterranean Cruises

A Mediterranean cruise vacation is the perfect way to explore the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Situated between the two continents of Europe and Africa, is the Mediterranean Sea. This Sea lends its name (from the latin term medius) to the lands around it.

Mediterranean Cruises
Mediterranean Cruises

Over 1000 islands make the Mediterranean ocean a European paradise for the seafarer. From Venice to Athens, you can experience arriving at your destination like so many others did in times past. On a Mediterranean cruise vacation you can avoid the hassle of having to arrange lodging and transportation, and being able keep your bags unpacked while you visit different countries is without comparison. A cruise is a magnificent alternative to land travel.

300 Million visitors every year flock to the sun bleached towns and sandy beaches of the Mediterranean. Home to the capitals of Western Culture like Rome, Istanbul, and Athens, this sea is the setting for conquests and battles, travels and adventure, mystery and lore. 3 continents and 21 countries border this enormous body of water.

Legends about the great Ulysses come to mind when you think of the ancient times and richness of cultural history this sea has been a part of. As you sail along headed to your next port city, take time to absorb the view and atmosphere. From the calm, idyllic shores of Greece to the height of style in the luxurious yacht haven of Monaco, France, the Mediterranean has offerings to suit every taste.

Barcelona, Spain the starting point of many Mediterranean cruise vacation plans and is port city with a rich cultural history. With its market stalls and Tapas bars, an eclectic skyline ranging from works of the brilliant works of the modern architects and ancient craftsmen of this city. Take the three quarter mile stroll up La Rambla at a leisurely pace; take in the narrow alleyways and centuries old buildings to savor Spanish life at its finest.

Mediterranean Cruise Ship
Mediterranean Cruise Ship

The Mediterranean has a number of islands you can visit as well such as Mallorca, a popular cruise stop about 125 miles off the coast of Spain. The port city of Palma has an intoxicating mix of Moorish and European flavors. You can wander around the old city, and visit the cathedral of La Seau which dominated the skyline, and finish your afternoon by enjoying a fine cup of coffee at one of the many outdoor cafes.

Your cruise Mediterranean travel will undoubtedly make a stop on the French Riviera. Visit the glittering seaside cities of Nice, and Cote d'Azur, when wealth and splendor abound, or Marseille for those who want to see what everyday life in France is like.

Home to the world famous film festival, Cannes has long been a winter retreat for European vacationers. Monaco, as well as Nice, has clean and frequent buses. If you are traveling with children you might be pleasantly surprised to find that in France, like many other European cities, some of the best beachfront real estate is reserved for playgrounds.

The island of Sicily is the largest is the Mediterranean. While being a part of Italy, Sicily has a distinct culture and cuisine that is sure to fascinate you. In its history this island has experienced Greek, Phonecian, and Roman, Arab, and Norman periods of rule, reflecting the importance of Mediterranean Sea in world history.

Crete and Cyprus are interesting islands off the coast of Greece that add an interesting edge to your Mediterranean trip. Whether you stop at Crete, the largest Greek Island, or you prefer the smaller exotic islands of the Aegean, be sure to sample some of the food.

The Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, vegetables, cheese and fruit, is well known for its health benefits. Cruises Mediterranean are sure to be a welcome addition to your travel memories.

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