New England Cruises

Cap Cod is a nature lovers dream, an expansive network of beaches, harbors, nature paths, biking trails and a number of outdoor activities. As you ferry from island to island on your New England cruise, you might arrive at the fact that you could spend days here and might ponder what it like to live here year round. Enjoy whale watching, savor the magnificent views, and get lost in your thoughts at the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Just a short trip from Boston begins the bevy of wind blown beaches, pleasingly devoid of life. Your mind will wander out the sea as you watch the waves tumble and crash on the rugged black rock beaches of the Southern coast of Maine. Quiet and magnificent with a cool northern brilliance, the scenic coastline of Maine takes you back in time.

The coast of New Hampshire is a treasured destination for vacationers for miles around. Many come here to enjoy Hampton Beach and the boardwalk, where this is the hub of excitement in the area. Everything is centered around the lovely beachfront where a number of water sports can be enjoyed here. Catering to the visitors are charming shops, fantastic restaurants serving the freshest catch of the day, and be prepared to sample some authentic New England clam chowder.

Newport, Rhode Island, is another place that is brimming with culture. This city has more historic inns and bed and breakfast than anywhere else on the New England coast. Cozy boutiques and distinctly American experiences await you in Newport. Providence and Aquidnick Island enclose Narragansett Bay, which is called the East Bay area. It is a pleasure to discover- quiet towns and villages are tucked in the bays and hamlets of this picturesque region. Pack a picnic lunch, rent a bicycle and enjoy the marvelous views and easy pedaling on the East Bay Bike Path.

Vermont has some of the most charming vistas to be seen anywhere in New England. A visit to one of these towns in any time of year finds it draped in natural finery, be it the emerald spring or the brilliant foliage of the crisp autumn. Tour one of the many farms and sample maple syrup or some of the freshest fall cider. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, or just wander through fascinating old antique shops for that perfect New England piece.

Ben and Jerry's Ice cream at its freshest makes its home in Northern Vermont, and it's only one of the many treats to tempt your taste buds. Excellent restaurants, served fine meals in a cozy and relaxed setting.

A New England cruise accentuates the simplicity of life and the relaxed everyday pace is the perfect way to unwind and regain a sense of equilibrium. The rich flavors of the blueberry dessert wines of Maine, the scent of lavender, and the rich blue hues of the noon day sky all will make an indelible impression upon you. A cruise New England combines all these experiences seamlessly for an invigorating trip of a lifetime.

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