New Orleans Cruises

Cruises from New Orleans are a fun way to experience the Big Easy. New Orleans cruises come in many shapes and sizes, from large cruises on commercial cruise lines to New Orleans river cruises and dinner cruises. Cruises from New Orleans include both Caribbean and Mississippi River cruises.

One of the most popular cruise types are the dinner cruises in New Orleans. Most of these are quaint steamboats with short trips up the Mississippi River or around the Mississippi Delta. They really are a great way to experience New Orleans. These cruises are usually catered by area restaurants, giving cruisers a real taste of the Big Easy’s famous cuisine. Cruisers also get an eye-full of the area’s scenery, with the chance to witness the serene natural environment of the Mississippi Delta. A wide array of wildlife can be observed on these short trips around the delta, from reptiles to birds.

River cruises are another of the great offerings of the Big Easy. Longer than the dinner cruises, these give tourists an extended look at the nature of the South. The Majestic America Line is an example of a company that offers these New Orleans cruises. It is the oldest continuously running cruise line in the country. Operating since around 1890, the Majestic America Line specializes in New Orleans river cruises, taking cruisers up the Mississippi River in the only overnight paddle steamboats left in America. These fantastic cruises show visitors an abundance of majesty and history that can be found up the Mississippi. Several different trips can be planned on New Orleans river cruises. Cruisers can choose short day trips on cruises from New Orleans, or trips that take a week or more, all while enjoying the scenery of the South. Activities on board these cruises in New Orleans include education on the Mississippi River, shopping, eating at the fabulous on-board restaurants, and lots of musical entertainment.

New Orleans cruises have become very popular. Commercial cruises that set sail from this city are the Carnival Cruise Line and the Norwegian Cruise Line. Both of these lines offer Caribbean destinations including exotic places such as Cozumel and the Cayman Islands. The Carnival line offers 4- to 5-day trips to Cozumel and Costa Maya. The Norwegian line, which offers 7-day cruises, also has Cozumel and Costa Maya on the agenda, but includes Belize and Guatemala. The Norwegian line is most known for their laid-back atmosphere and casual dress code. Each offers excursions on land to allow cruisers to enjoy these exotic locations.

The city of New Orleans makes a great destination for sea faring visitors not only for its active port, but also for the fun that can be found inland. New Orleans is well-known for their jazz, food, and entertainment. Cruisers who choose cruises in New Orleans as their port of call will be pleased with the array of cruises that are there for choosing, and also for the fun that can be had while waiting for their ship to set sail.

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