Oceania Cruise Line

A floating five star resort is what a cruise on the Oceania Cruise line feels like. 2 Ships is all that this premium cruise lines needs to provide magnificent, one-of-a-kind cruise experiences. Founded in 1992 by a duo of cruise industry veterans, Oceania does not hide the fact that numbers is not what makes a cruise line stand apart from the rest - one incredible experience is all that it takes.

The reception area, with its grand staircase, finely carved moldings and plush carpeting feels like the lobby of a luxury hotel. Pleasant details like the honor system in the 2000 books library will add to the convenience and ease of your vacation.

Oceania's two ships, the Regatta and the Insignia are two medium sized vessels that can hold as many as 684 passengers. Six bars and lounges provide an assortment of settings for your evening. Sample some Grappa, an Italian apertif that will add an authentic flavor to your trip and widen your repertoire. Entertainment is also of high caliber here, with informative and enriching lectures, thrilling live acts, and the spa for those take delight in simply being pampered.

The Oceania offers 6 different room options - from the basic but well-appointed stateroom to a bright and airy two-room vista suite. All of these rooms are plush, with 300 count sheets, enormous pillows and down comforters will enhance your comfort and add to the part of your cruise that is enjoyed behind closed doors.

6 options also await you for dining. Whether you're inspired by your Mediterranean itinerary to sample some Tapas or Greek food or you simply can't get enough of Italian cooking, you will find something to suit your needs, no matter what time of day.

There is casual pool-side dining, high tea, the excellent Polo Grill serving all American steak dinners, as well as a buffet for those times you want to eat and run - or eat and tan.

Oceania cruises unique port destinations that are catered specifically so that you can make the most of your port destinations and allow you to take in the culture and locale you are visiting. A morning debriefing complete with a power point presentation is a great way to begin your excursion for the day. Oceania Cruise lines wants to make sure that you have all the information you need to fully benefit from your day trip.

The South America cruise is absolutely stunning, and you will want to book a nicer room for the longer voyage. With the two extremes of the Chilean coast contrasting starkly against the enormous glaciers you will encounter at the Canal de las Montañas (which means the canal of the mountains in Spanish), you will experience the most incredible moments in your trip merely standing in awe on the deck of the ship.

Oceania cruise offers a western Mediterranean cruise might be more to your liking and is perfectly suited for the relaxed elegance on board the Regatta or the Insignia. As in Rome, you can do as the Romans do and have a blast- the city has a whole new face, with exceptional architectural monuments that have been added in the past few years, this ancient city has undergone a modern facelift.

An Oceania cruise will leave you wanting for more. Leaving the ship doesn't have to be the end of the journey. Indulge your whims and book another fabulous tour to some far flung itinerary brought to you by Oceania Cruise lines.

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