Elbe River Cruise

Planning an Elbe River cruise is a great way to see the interior of Germany. An Elbe River cruise offer passengers a chance to see some of the best attractions in Germany from the comfort of a Europe river cruise ship, which provides meals and sleeping accommodations. The Elbe River is a main waterway in Central Europe, starting in the Czech Republic and traveling through Germany to the North Sea, with a total length of about 670 miles. A number of smaller streams flow out from the Elbe River, but cruises take place almost exclusively on the main Elbe River itself.

In Germany, most Elbe River cruises begin in the city of Dresden. The city is located just on the other side of the German-Czech Republic border, and is the main place for boarding Elbe River cruises. This Europe river cruise passes through a number of major German cities, including Hamburg, Holstein and the Kiel Canal.

Many of these cities along the Elbe River have some great attractions. The Dresden Royal Palace, also known as Risendenzschloss in German, is one of the main attractions in that city and visible from an Elbe River cruise. Mostly destroyed by British Bombers during World War II, this palace still features sections that are well worth viewing and is open for touring. This is a great attraction for passengers on Elbe River cruises thanks to its close location to Elbe River. If you do want to visit and tour the castle, you will not need reservations, but tickets are about 6 Euros per person.

In addition to the larger towns such as Dresden, Europe river cruises along the Elbe also travel near many of Germany's smaller villages. For travelers who love the chance to explore more of Germany's culture away from the more touristy sites, this is a major advantage to taking a river cruise. Cruises pass through the North German Plain, an open area in Germany, which is home to most of Germany's farming community and some quaint villages.

Cruise companies running river cruises along the Elbe River are numerous, but in general travelers can expect these boats to carry no more than about 100 passengers, and sometimes even fewer. Meals are included and most ships will have a separate dining room. Basic cruise tips for first time cruisers are a good way to find information about what to wear and when to go on a river cruise. Mealtimes for these smaller riverboats aren't usually formal, but it is best to bring along at least one formal outfit just incase. Expect Elbe River cruises to last about 8 days and to cost around 1,200 Euros. Cabins on most ships will have private bathrooms and televisions. If space and amenities are a major priority for your river cruise trip, look into booking a luxury cruise, where you will have access to luxuries such as a heated swimming pool or larger rooms. Cheap river cruises can also be located, usually by paying attention to the off-season for cruising or by booking travel packages which combine airline travel with cruise costs and other amenities such as rental cars or additional tours.

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